2007 Canada Slalom Contests?

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Pat Chewning
Pat C.
Pat C.
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2007 Canada Slalom Contests?

Post by Pat Chewning » Thu Jan 25, 2007 6:52 am

The ISSA is gathering contest sanction applications and other information to create the 2007 slalom contest calendar of events, and to award contest statuses.

For 2007, N. America has 1 MAJOR, 5 MAIN, 10 PRIME, and unlimited BASIC events.

We are currently leaning toward awarding the Canada Nationals (July 1) as a MAIN event.

It would make a lot of sense to have a Canada PRIME event, perhaps in the Calgary area, or on the west coast.

If there are any Canadian slalom contest organizers who are contemplating puting on an event that could potentially earn a PRIME status, the ISSA N. America contest coordinators want to hear about your plans (even before you fill in the formal application).

The 2007 ISSA N. America Contest Coordinators are:
Pat Chewning, Chris Barker, Eddy Martinez

Chris Iversen
Chris I
Chris I
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Post by Chris Iversen » Fri Jan 26, 2007 6:04 am

Calgary area would be very rad! There is talk about coordinating a slalom race with the SLAC downhill race at Canada Olympic Park in August. I am not the organizer behind it, Brad Kasha was our man in the know about things, but he seems to have disappeared as of late. Blair Watson has been talking with the SLAC guys. I've also heard about an event in Vernon, BC in June.... Online rumours perhaps.............

Not sure what my point to this post is, maybe just thinking aloud, maybe to get Brad's attention if he's lurking, maybe to say I'd like to help, but not sure how...
Live to skate, SKATE OR DIE!!!

Malcolm Stooke
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Post by Malcolm Stooke » Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:18 am

http://www.ncdsa.com/contest_registrati ... testID=288

greater vancouver area may 13 2007.

pat i would be interested in putting on a prime event but i would probably need some help getting a road closure permit. if we do the race it will be late summer. august/november. we have a timer and we plan on building start ramps anyways.

Pierre Gravel
Pierre Gravel
Pierre Gravel
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Post by Pierre Gravel » Fri Feb 16, 2007 9:49 pm

The Slalom race at Top Challenge in 2006 had a good turnout with racers from Canada, Europe and the US present. It will sure be at least as big this year and should be considered as Prime IMO.

Blair Watson
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Post by Blair Watson » Mon Apr 16, 2007 4:14 pm

Chris Iversen wrote:Calgary area would be very rad! There is talk about coordinating a slalom race with the SLAC downhill race at Canada Olympic Park in August.

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