Bushings are past, UP trucks are the future

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Bushings are past, UP trucks are the future

Post by Guto JImenez » Mon Nov 06, 2006 3:32 am

My name is Guto Jimenez, I`m a veteran skateboarder and the international manager for UP trucks from Brazil. Nice to meet you all!
All slalomers have once dreamed of a truck that would provide the quickest response with the maximum stability possible, and a steady performance throughout its usage. so much so that trucks`design has evolved a whole lot in the latest years. However, have you ever wondered how weird it is for a truck`s performance evaluation that the most essential part of it relies on a couple of inches of soft urethane - bushings?
We are the manufacturers of the world`s most revolutionary trucks in the market, the UP (Urethane Professional) Trucks. Yes, you`ve got it right, UP trucks are made of the same material which`s usually used on wheels, which has once changed the history of skateboarding forever - urethane. It`s a whole new concept which provides the smoothest, most stable and steadiest rides EVER!
I`m 44 years old who`s been riding skateboards for 31 years now. Back in those days, going downhill and slalom was all that there was, as skateparks came a little later in the Rio de Janeiro area in which I`ve always lived in. I`ve ridden all kinds of skateboarding that you may know of, from hills to freestyle to park to street to vert and back to the hills on the last 10 years or so. Well, occasionally I still go to one of our cement parks to have a couple of carving-and-fun, but I can be mostly seen on a hill or at the beachfront by my place sidewalk surfing on my longboard.
I took slalom again around 2 or 3 years ago. Last year, when it was time for another change of bushings, I saw the UP trucks in the shop and was convinced to give them a try on a sample board the guy had in the shop. I got addicted on the first ride! They were so much better than the previous trucks that I had no doubts in getting a pair of them for my slalom board. I`d got so impressed with them that I started to spread my opinion, which got to the factory`s owner`s ears. I started to work with him last September, around 1 1/2 year after getting my UP trucks. That`s the first time I got involved with the skateboarding industry in over 15 years, and I`m only in it because I truly rely on the trucks` performance. I`ve been a skateboard journalist in Brazil for over 20 years now, and would never put my reputation in jeopardy if the trucks weren`t REALLY good.
So that`s my story, now what`s your doubts about them? Please take a time to visit our website, at http://www.uptrucks.com and feel free to contact me concerning any questions you may have on UP Trucks.
Cheers, and keep skating.

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