Skennet 95 mm too narrow for gs?

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Skennet 95 mm too narrow for gs?

Post by josé fuentevilla » Fri Jan 18, 2008 5:43 pm

i´m running an 95mm skennet front & 106mmrts back (soon to be replaced with an 95mm airflow) for tight/hybrid on an axe 2.5 with 20-21"wb. now i want a gs board (so i dont have to change the hardware). so i have a couple of questions:

1.- 21"wb is too short for gs? should i go for a board with more wb; re-drill the board to have a 19"wb to use it for tight/hybrid.

or i´m ok with the 21" wb for gs, and go for anoter board with a smaller wb (like 18"-19")

2.- are 106mm rts/x trucks to narrow for gs? should i sell them and buy something a little wider (like bennett 5.0 or 129 rtx for front and spaced 110mm airflow back?.

thanks in advance

i have some time to make the right choice coz recently got a sprained knee = (
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