I believe it's 1984, again...

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I believe it's 1984, again...

Postby Eric Brammer » Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:10 am

Not to be a 'downer' here, I just want to point out, we're a tad bit away from being a coherent race group these dark days.
I cannot contribute anymore, other than with wordy, but perhaps not worldly enough, advice. My finances are gone, along with the house, marriage, + twins. Still, as bad as it is, my kids ride Hobies and Fibreflexes, and a Turner or two. And, they do that well!
So, what of the 'next Gen.' ? Do we collectively just go home and play Wii? Or do we plan ahead a little? Think it over friends, the Future is coming Tomorrow!
"Surfin' these Old Hills since back in The Day"
Eric Brammer
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