Stooke, Malcolm - Canada

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Malcolm Stooke
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Stooke, Malcolm - Canada

Post by Malcolm Stooke » Mon Sep 18, 2006 9:07 am

i live in burnaby BC and have been skating for most of my life, longboard for the past 4 years. i started slalom winter 2005/6, practicing by myself in a flat parking garage at sfu. last year i traveled to race a few times and im heading to a bunch more in the 2007 season

my race results were as follows.


Dovercourt Open - 1st in the C division, hybrid. DQ in the tight slalom

Seattle- 9th overall

Vncouver outlaw slalom: 3rd overall

portland mt tabor GS outlaw: 8th overall


salem BBQ season opener (not really a race) 10th

vancouver outlaw slalom #2- 4th place

Oregon state games: TS 10th, HS 13th, GS 25th

vernon BC: 4th


i'll just have to wait and see

right now i am racing on a sk8kings/pavel axe3 foamcore with a gogs all around and... an old roe something or other with a radikal and airflow combo

i hope to meet a bunch of you in the racing circut 2007. until then, happy skating

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