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COSS 2004

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2003 6:14 pm
by Gary Fluitt
Our final race of the 2003 season was on Nov. 8. We thought it was going to be too cold to race with temps in the 40's but it turned out perfect and it was one of the best days of racing we've had in a long time.
18 skaters entered the race. We had a big fast, technical GS with 75 cones and about 1300 feet. This course required a fast off the line start with a good pump to get you started, followed by some medium offset gates that dropped you into the steep technical section that required a little braking. After that it opened up and it was a charge to the finish line which seemed a mile away.
The GS race took about 3 hours.
We then set up a Dual TS occupying half the roadway. I thought this was a sure bust but no fewer than two of Golden's finest came by and gave us the nod, so we kept skating. I love this town.
We qualified everyone and broke up the group into two groups of 8, and one group of 2. A, B, & C. And then we ran a normal 8 man bracket. We wanted to do double elimination but we were running out of light fast so we stuck with a typcial bracket system.
Barker Qualified ahead of me, which was fun, and a little shocking given that it was his first time on PVD's. David Eye made it in the 8, and Ric Widenor did well capturing the 5th seed spot in the A. Mike McLaren I think was the top seed in the B and had some great races against Derek, our new token Parrallel skater. Also Lynn Cooper made a rare slalom appearence and showed us that if you're a good all around skater you can always be competitive in slalom.
We completed the race without incident. I won the A group followed very closely by Barker, and McClaren won the B group followed closely by Weidmier. Good to see some old friends out there that I haven't skated enough with, Phil, Wireman, Ric, Pirnack, Weed, and new friends Derek, and Trey. Always good to see the kids out there. We had four kids this time which was really good to see. Little Trey Wax is going to be a force to reckon with next year, as is little spring McClaren.
We really missed Gerry Huitt out there, who was at home tending to his 3 day old daughter Lucie and his wife Karen. We'll see you next season man.
COSS 2004
We're hoping to really grow the scene out here next year. Eye, Barker, and I are going to do a little brainstorming one of these nights and come up with an action plan to have more fun next year. Look for a post here soon about the COSS 2004 season. We're planning 2 big races next year, Golden, and Breckenridge, with a lot of little races in between.[/b]