First Colo-RAD-O slalom event of 2007

Slalom Skateboarding in Colorado, U.S.A.

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First Colo-RAD-O slalom event of 2007

Post by Bear Boarder » Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:01 am

Alright guys here it is, the first slalom event of 2007:



The UNC Campus Challenge

Saturday, April 21 2007

Longboard X and Dual Lane Tight Slalom Racing

This will be a pumpy course that will be both fun and challenging. Because this race is for fun, we ask that no one run their slalom set-ups, meaning trucks and boards. Wheels are fine, and if you want to run 4 or 6 it'll be the choice of the racer. There will be a womens and jrs class in this race.

Racers will get two timed runs, best run will be kept. riders will be split into two groups accordingly. Top half will be group A, bottom half will be group B. This will be based on the racers best timed run.

8-9 am sign up
9-10 longobard x practice
10-12 longboard x race

12-1 break/slalom set up


We will be running a Chris Barker/colorado style tight course. practice now. practice a lot. There will be a jrs class (and womens if enough sign up). Qualifying will determine pro class and open. Racers will recieve two quailifying runs, best time taken as your qualifying time. After groups have been determined, dual lane ellimination rounds will follow to determine our champs of each class.

1-2 slalom practice
2-3 slalom qualifying
3-5 slalom racing
5-5:30 awards

We will also hold a raffle with donations form our sponsors to raise money for the club and our race team.

Come get some at UNC and help rasie money for a good cause. We are trying to spread the stoke and get more college kids into slalom racing.
Much thanks to all our Sponsors:
SECTOR9, SEISMIC, SK8KINGS, MILE HIGH SKATES, 52EIGHTY, ALL Board Sports, THE WRIGHT LIFE, KHIRO, REDBULL, & the UNC student representative council.
Without your support this race would not be possible.

For more info email:

Dirrections soon, if you haven't signed up on, please do so....

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