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Slalom Skateboarding in Colorado, U.S.A.

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wrappin it up

Post by Bear Boarder » Mon Apr 23, 2007 8:09 am

YEAAHHHH BOY!!1.....where to begin? I want to first thank everyone for coming to our event, your support made the race a success. I hope everyone had a great time and that we got a few more people stoked on slalom/ longboarding. We had almost double the # of racers that we had at last year's race. Another great achievement for this year's race was that we had 5 women racing!! Last year we only had one. It's great to see young women coming out and charging cones!! Hopefully there will be even more racing next year.
A huge MAHALO(thanks) to all our sponsors: SECTOR9, SEISMIC, KHIRO, 5280 skates, RED BULL, SK8KINGS, MILE HIGH SKATES, ALL BOARDS SPORTS, THE WRIGHT LIFE, Gravity, Never Summer and Powell!! The UNC Boarders as well as everyone who attended greatly appreciated you generocity and support for our grassroots event.
I would like to thank the entire UNC crew for all their help. Pat, Joel, Kyp, Josh, Tommy, Nate and Will are great guys and I am proud to be associated with them. They all worked hard to help out with the race. I'm really proud of all our riders, for some it was their first race and they gave it their all. Props to Joel, you were fast out there man and i think you turned a couple heads on your way to the "A" class. Also want to thank our beautiful "hawaian cone service", I know some of us(me) hit a lot of cones but thank you for being there to pick them up for us , you guys are da best!! Thanks to Ben Pu and Crew for rocking out for us during the longboard race...way cool!
Wax, thanks for everything braddah. Wax is one of the main reasons we have a racing team/club. He got us all hooked on slalom and has helped me and the other UNC racers improve greatly. He may have a big mouth(j/k), but he has an even bigger heart and I am lucky to call him a friend.
Milehighrollers/COSS, I had such a great time riding/racing with you guys. I am always humbled by the skill and speed of jason, cbark, pirnack and the little McLarens...WOW you guys are fast!!!! Marty, Gary, Ted, and Mikey- it was great seeing you guys out there smiling and having a good time...very cool dudes who know how to have fun.
Martin, hats off to you bro...three podiums at your first race!! Not bad buddy. Keep up the work and good attitude and we will see you on more podiums, great job.
Mahalo nui loa again to everyone who was part of the race, we will try and make next year's race even better!

JP Kaloi
UNC Boarders

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