Seattle area shops?

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Seattle area shops?

Postby Ben Stockinger » Wed Dec 31, 2003 1:09 am

I've been lurking the slalom board for a week or so, and PMing with a bud on the board from the midwest. Found lots of good info for newbies like myself, and am interested in getting a board.

A few questions for those in the Seattle area: What shops, if any, carry slalom gear? I'd like to take a look at a few boards beford laying down the cash. Also, any locals got used stuff? Completes? Decks? Trucks?

Ben Stockinger
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Postby Jack Quarantillo » Wed Dec 31, 2003 7:04 am

You need to hook up with Gareth Roe, he's a member of this forum, great supporter of slalom skating, and manufacturer of Roe Slalom decks.

The Roe boards are among the finest being produced worldwide today, and they're in Sea-town...

Here's the 411 on Gareth:

Jack Quarantillo
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Postby Gareth Roe » Wed Dec 31, 2003 6:37 pm

Call me (206/371-9710) and we can talk. Looks like we won't be riding for a while due to the white stuff all over the ground. Anyways, there is a pretty active group of slalom skaters in the Seattle area. We meet on a pretty regular basis and are always looking for new people to join us.

There are a few shops in the area that carry slalom gear - Gregg's Greenlake Cycle (Seattle) and Gravity Sports (Renton). They usally have some gear, but not a lot. In the mean time, we can get you set up with a loaner board.

Looking forward to talking to you!
Gareth Roe
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RoeRacing Team Captain
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Postby Ben Stockinger » Mon Jan 05, 2004 1:29 am

Hey ya,

Right on. Sorry for not responding sooner, I'll try and touch base with you this week.

Sounds like the white stuff, as well as the cold, is here for another week or so. :(

Been traveling (snowboarding) and working to make ends meet. I'm kind of on a career fence right now, funds are tight. Funds should come together later this spring and hopefully I'll have a better idea what kinda stick to get. I'll definately take you up on the loaner board thing and am looking forward to hearing more about the scene.

Ben Stockinger
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Postby RL » Mon Jan 05, 2004 6:01 am

Right on Benny Boy!
Talk w/ Gareth and Steve. They'll make it happen for ya. Your more likely to get me to visit for a slalom race than snowboarding. Maybe then Steve from Roe could take us up to BC for surf.
I love my Roe S Camber.
I think you'd like the Roe PS Unlimited for those big feet.
Say hey to Jen for me and I hope your dog is better.
Look into the Tracker site, RTX front/ RTS rear. Learn about wedging the front and de-wedging the rear truck and some wheels. 3dm Avalons or Abec 11 Flashbacks. Gotta love the green.

6" of snow today. Drag for me.
Ran cones at Grant Park on Fri. and skated inside the Art Museum's parking stucture on Sat. (rain)


Re: Yeah..

Postby Ben Stockinger » Tue Jan 06, 2004 9:25 am

Ric Liskowitz wrote:...Your more likely to get me to visit for a slalom race than snowboarding. Maybe then Steve from Roe could take us up to BC for surf.

6" of snow today...

Nope, sorry offer to come out for a visit only applies to snowboarding. ;)

Dog's all better, but took a nice bite outa me wallet. We're actually going to be getting some snow, up to 6". Should be some epic pow comin' our way.

There seem's to be quite a few races between here and Portland. Also, nice beaches in Wash/Oregon, coupla nice breaks near Cannon Beach. I think I'll be sticking to the skate, but you're more than welcome to go for a swim with the logs.

Ben Stockinger
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