Seattle Combo Plate, Seattle Washington

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Seattle Combo Plate, Seattle Washington

Postby Paul Howard » Sat Aug 20, 2005 4:05 am

August 14th John Stryker put on an outlaw Jam format race that was truly a great idea and a great time. It was at North Seattle Community College.

Format: 2 lanes, one Hybrid, one Tight. 5 runs down each course, each rider's best time was counted for each course. Then each rider's best Tight and best Hybrid times were combined for placing. The wind was pretty consistent so we found no need to average a slowest and fastest time. Cone Penalty .1sec/cone.

What made this interesting was that by combining the times, it made for CLOSER placings between racers instead of the usual larger divsions between racers. I believe this was due to the fact that if you were "OK" on one course and better on the other and blazed on your better course, you could offset your not-so-fast-ness on the other course.

We had a good showing of new slalomers which was good to see as well as all the familiar faces as well. Thanks to John Stryker for putting the event on, Thanks to to Johh Jr and Kevin Stryker for cone marshalling and running the timer table, Thanks to Gareth Roe and Pat Chewning for bringing timers and combining your parts to make it work and to Pat for showing us how to run the system when needed, Thanks to everyone who showed up before Pat, Mitchell and I did and set everything up ie- Corey and Darrin Moy, Brad Jackmann, and everyone else. "Leemo" from G&S downhill fame raced and kept the pace going, Brad Kasha made the 12 hour trip from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and keeps getting faster, Corey Moy is moving up in a solid steady way, Gareth must have finally gotten some good rest and exercise as he is making a comeback, Dan Hughes did the only clean run at high speed on the Hybrid course(I think), pretty good for a guy on the mend from back surgery, Brad Jackman is a force to reckon with and made me work my butt off at the end. Dave Mitchell and Scott Moore(SubsonicSkateboards-my sponsor) are also working their way up the lineup and making noticable improvements. Darrin Moy, Every time I see him he has a new more refined style and gets faster. Chewning and Stryker keep the semi-parallel stance camp going strong and added a lot of style to the race.

Placings (Seconds plus cones) Tight Hybrid Combined

1) Some Guy from Oregon 17.6679 17.5879 35.2558
2) Brad Jackman 17.1279 18.4159 35.5438
3) Gareth Roe 17.7002 18.2719 35.9721
4) Corey Moy 18.4359 17.5879 36.0238
5) Brad Kasha 17.8479 18.1800 36.0279
6) Dan Hughes 18.0479 18.5079 36.5558
7) John Stryker 18.9679 18.4799 37.4478
8) Dave Mitchell 18.9998 19.0239 38.0237
9) Scott Moore 19.7159 20.4719 40.1878
10) Darrin Moy 20.3759 20.0600 40.4359
11) Pat Chewning 20.8319 20.5239 41.3558
12) Lee Dansie 20.7239 21.1518 41.8757
13) Dave Addington 23.0038 23.1758 46.1796
14) Dan Farmery 23.7159 22.5206 46.2365
15) John Dixon 23.7759 22.8719 46.6478
16) Dennis (?) 24.6119 22.3079 46.9198
17) Tad Drysdale 28.0000 28.7838 56.7838

Hope to see everyone Sept 11th in Ridgefield Washington for the "Slalom Weak" race put on by Dave Mitchell. See Contest Calender for signup and details. Thanks to everyone who showed up, helped setup and tear down, raced, spectated, and helped make the race happen. -Paul
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