BIG-n-FAST BECAUSE I SAY SO, Salem, Oregon 01 October 2006

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BIG-n-FAST BECAUSE I SAY SO, Salem, Oregon 7 May 2006

Postby Paul Howard » Sat Feb 18, 2006 10:41 pm

WHEN: May 7th Sunday 2006 10:23am

WHAT: Big and Fast Dual lane BIG hybrid/ Small Giant course with loose spacing to focus on speed and flow. Top section will be straight and with narrow width(but loosely spaced) offsets to build/pump speed before hitting the main portion of the course. This is probably the best pavement in all the Great Northwest.

NEWBIES: This will be a great event for you, there will also be a "B" division 2nd start line further down the hill bypassing the top section of the course so you can keep your speed more in control.


OFFICIALITY: Outlaw, the Park maintanence staff and park visitors dig watching us WEARING OUR HELMETS AND SLALOMING so lets keep that up, pick up garbage, etc. Bring a park deck just in case and we'll go have a park session at one of the nearby skateparks.

WHERE: I-5 to Salem, Oregon, take Hwy -22 West(toward the coast), it will become Mission Street(Ave?, Blvd?), follow Mission for approx 2.5 miles from where you left I-5 and then look left/south for Bush Park, look for a big sports stadium, go to that parking area, then look for the Soap Box Derby Hill behind/west of the stadium.

For signup and more information, go to: and click onto the Contest Calender.

See you there!-Paul
I just dig slalom!
Paul Howard
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