PDX Practice 4-26-03

Slalom Skateboarding in the Pacific Northwest U.S.A.

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Postby Dave Mitchell » Sun Apr 20, 2003 2:57 pm

Here's the link to a handful of pictures from this mornings practice at WSU: PDX Practice Thanks to Pat Chewning for building the timing system, it makes running cones that much more fun. We had a decent showing with myself, Pat Chewning, Dan and Sarah Loveland, Hayden Woodard, Dave Anderson and Scott Moore of Curve Longboards. We set a thirty cone hybrid course and ran in the mid 12 seconds up to 14 seconds. Unfortunately I didn't get shots of Sarah and Hayden in the riding. Next weekend's race in Beaverton is shaping up and we are building some local interest. Looks to be a good turnout and lots of fun with prizes to boot!! Check this website PDX Grass Roots for any changes and a map or email me and I'll get one to you.

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