[2009] 4 Slaloms in Isola (viccino a Piemont) 20/21 Juin

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[2009] 4 Slaloms in Isola (viccino a Piemont) 20/21 Juin

Postby Pierre Samray » Tue Jun 09, 2009 4:32 pm

Dear friends from Italia.

Just want to announce our competition.
Newrider slalom race in Isola 20 and 21 of June (on the French side of col de la Lombarde in Piemont)

We had on Sathurday : tight 50 cones and special slalom in dual race in the middle of the village.

Then on Sunday : Giant hybrud on the morning and Super giant (1 minute long!) on the afternoon.

This race is a part of the French championship, but you are of course welcome here.

Registration is 30 € for the 4 races and accomodations is 20€ by night in the big chalet we reserve for staff and racers.

Good training before Grenoble.

See you

Pierre Samray
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