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Jani Soderhall
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ISSA President 2011-2020
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Excessive quoting

Post by Jani Soderhall » Sat Oct 20, 2007 10:09 pm

Lately I've been seeing so many quotes and quotes on quotes that it's getting really difficult to read the actual posts.

May I suggest we try to limit the quote "copy" to the sections that you want to comment on rather than copying the whole post?
If you want to comment separate sections of a large quote, just copy, paste and then remove unneccesary text. Then write your comments to each inbetween the other posts. That makes it really easy to read.

Here's an example:
Someone wrote:I think this is a really good idea.
I definitely agree!
Someone wrote:Ideas coming from other skaters are crap.
Of course, NIH always applies.
Someone wrote:What does that NIH mean?
Not Invented Here.

Those who are moderators could try to clean up a little bit of this excessive quoting, but it's a hard work. I would encourage it though. I do it sometimes, but it's extra work.


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