New to the forum and cone racing.

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Martijn Nijs
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New to the forum and cone racing.

Post by Martijn Nijs » Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:08 am

Hello everybody.

My name is Martijn am 40 years young and live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Last weekend I went to the Euro's in Amsterdam and had the pleasure of meeting the riders there and seeing for myself what an amazing sport this is.
I turned up wanting to ride just the GS because I was scared to make a complete ass of myself in front of everybody.
But, as Donald was quick to point out to me, the board I brought sucked.
After talking to Don, and trading my old Hobieflex for a Pavel DK GS killer, I found everybody willing to help me get the board set up as best I could with the hardware I brought.
Amazing to see how helpful and relaxed everybody was, you make a total newbie to racing feel totally at home!

Thanks to Donald, Dominik and George especially for making it possible to ride the GS and not make a total ass of myself.

I know my riding sucks but hopefully, next year, I will have improved enough to at least be able to also ride the HS.

I would like to thank everybody for a memorable weekend!


Carsten Pingel
Carsten Pingel
Carsten Pingel
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Post by Carsten Pingel » Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:15 pm

it was nice talking to you and "conemarshalling" together!
Hope you will make it to the next races!

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