What about this setup?

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Pedro Simões
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What about this setup?

Post by Pedro Simões » Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:17 am


I'm new to slalom and Im trying to put together a skate good for slalom but also for a little downhill.
I'm not into competitions just want a smooth ride with a good pumping ability good speed n stability , and only sometimes see how good i can do with the cones!

Here is the setup I've been thinking about:

http://tactissk8shop.com/images/product ... linelg.jpg

Not sure between these two ones:
Randal R-II 150mm http://www.randal.com/trucks_150.html
Randal R-II 125mm http://www.randal.com/trucks_125.html
I thought that the 125mm may be too small when I get higher speeds. But not sure about it.


The best ones my money can afford after I buy all the rest!

Well! Knowing that all i want is to go up and down the streets as smooth as possible doing a little slalom with a good pumping ability and some times at a higher speed... Is this setup good?! Should I change something? Why?


Eric Brammer
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Post by Eric Brammer » Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:17 am

Pedro, go with the 125 Randal, as it will, with a center-set wheel like the Zig-zag, be pretty close to matching deck width of the Rayne. Having then also the option to go with a wider or non-centered wheel (like Tarantulas or Speedvents) may be important (if sliding thru turns is something you think you'd be doing), but in the meantime, you can run Super-G or looser G.S. courses, or DH runs, or just freecarve (albeit with speed) on this setup. Set your wedges with care (and choose bushings to suit) to get this ride to handle different turn-radii, and to either improve stability, or get it to slide predictably. Keep the nose turnier, the back more stable, but do this with an eye towards not having to adjust (not much, anyway) the lean-tension at the bushings. You can just swap bushings (harder for more speed, softer for more turn) to fit the hill or course, without having to wrench everything down, or re-set wedge angles.
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