Next step forward?

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Joe Boyle
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Next step forward?

Post by Joe Boyle » Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:20 pm

Hi guys, I am really starting to get into slalom, going to local sessions and any events I can etc and I am looking for the next step to improve my setup. I am using a skaterbuilt mike
masey hs, with the wb drilled 2.5" further back on both front and back, a sphericalised bennett up front, and a skandal rear, with orange plus zigs front, lime regrippins back. I am just wondering, how I could improve it for ts and flat hs. I am looking at either an airflow or virage rear truck, or a gecko deck. I have ridden all of these bits and loved them all, but I am wondering which would give more of a step forward, bang for buck wise. I am looking to buy around christmas, but I like to have something to look forward to to keep me working hard at slalom. the main appeal of the gecko is the width (I have size uk 12s). I dunno about the trucks, because my skandal does me pretty well, but seems to like to drift a wee bit. I dunno if that's my technique of the wheels or what, but I was better on the other trucks, although everything else was different too.

I am definitely not at a level to buy them now, but if I continue to improve at even half of the rate I am at now, I will be pretty good by Christmas. A month ago, I couldn't even pump, now I can run a 6' offset without huge problems, not bad when I only get access to cones once a week (may well get some of those too :D)

whaddya think? Gecko vs precision truck?

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