New to slaloming and Bunch O' Questions

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Austin Mesa
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New to slaloming and Bunch O' Questions

Post by Austin Mesa » Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:59 pm

So me and my friend have wanted to get into slalom for a while. Me I have been in the DH scene, but want to try slalom-ing.
I have a Sketch drawn to give to a custom builder because the only other deck I like is the Fullbag Louis Ricard and I cant find that one anywhere.(If you have it for sale Lemme know)
I aim for the custom board to look like ... 1356892661 Its the first board I actually liked.
Specs of my custom board (estimate) and Questions.
Width:9 at front, then taper to 8.3 then back to 8.7 at tail. (I don't have much understanding so feedback would be great on this topic)
Wedge on the tail: ????????
Do I use Coarse griptape?
Trucks: front :Bennett 4.3 Back: Tracker Rt-s
Wheels: ??????
Bushings: many people reccomend reflex for Bennett and chubbies/eliminators for RT-s
I guess I want to partake in HS and GS ? but want to fiddle around with straight DH.
Thank you for reading and please help me out!

Miguel Marco
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Re: New to slaloming and Bunch O' Questions

Post by Miguel Marco » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:34 pm

Austin, if you can't find the Louis Ricard in any shop, it is available on our website right now. But the shipping address as to be in North America.

Coarse griptape: go for it.
Front truck: Bennett 4.3 with 5° to 10° wedging.
Rear truck: Tracker RTS 106mm with 20° dewedging is a good start on the Ricard.
Wheels: 70mm Zigs or 69 mm Hot Spots
Bushings: you have it right.
Wheelbases: 19.75" - 20.25" - 21" on the Ricard will fit whatever you want to do.

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