NE Results at Dixie

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Rick Floyd
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NE Results at Dixie

Post by Rick Floyd » Fri Nov 07, 2008 9:02 pm

Big congrats to my New England slalom brothers for their results at the 2008 Dixie Cup!

(Justin isn't really NE of course - but he fits right in, even if he really is from the evil NY empire!)

Justin Collins (OPEN A): 1st - Halloween Hybrid, 1st - Dixie Cup Hybrid, 2nd Overall - DHB downhill, 1st - OPEN Overall.

Karl Floitgraf (OPEN A): 2nd - Halloween Hybrid, 2nd - Dixie Cup Hybrid, 2nd - OPEN Overall.

Nick Iacovelli (JUNIORS): 2nd - Halloween Hybrid, 1st - Dixie Cup Hybrid, 2nd - GS.

Joe Iacovelli (OPEN B): 1st - Dixie Cup Hybrid

Rick Floyd (OPEN A): 2nd - Big Ramp GS ;-)

Wentzle Ruml ripped it with style and aggression on a tough weekend for him - way to go brother! Watch out next year for young "Ape Suit Mike" Kennedy, another new face in NE slalom who made the trip and upped his game because of it!

Come on Schwippy - we miss ya!

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