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2013 Antrim Can / Am Slalom Championships Sept 13-14-15

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:57 pm
by Dave Kirkpatrick
Just opening the door here - the race is of course ON for the weekend of the Antrim Home and Harvest Festival. Expect it to be a lot like previous years in terms of the courses at the main event. I'm hoping to add something for other longboarders, like a slide jam? and we always talk about something on the side at the 202 hill as well. Just getting the gear out and checking in. I look forward hearing some ideas and recruiting the teams to make that extra stuff fit.

I'll be planning on putting some work in on this over the weekend, so will follow with the important details shortly.

Re: 2013 Antrim Can / Am Slalom Championships Sept 13-14-15

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:42 am
by Dave Kirkpatrick
The "official" race registration is here: ... testID=571

I notice there's a "register" option on this site now, and I'll check in there too, but if you go to NCDSA you can be sure I've "seen" you.


If you wish to have housing arranged for you for the Can / Am, it will be Sargent Camp, as last year - I need to know ASAP, and I need to know the names in your group if you want to make arrangements for more than yourself. Please message me here or reply by email to let me know. If you are local and can accommodate campers or guests here in the area, that is especially helpful!!

Can / Am volunteers: I'm still looking for help on Thursday, 9/12 setting up the course, and Friday early morning. If you can be free for these times, do let me know, please and thanks!!


The races will look a lot like last year, plus some extras. Qualifying and TS on Friday (plus whatever we can squeeze in), HS on Saturday (plus whatever we can squeeze in, possibly slide jam?), and GS and beginners race Sunday. Whatever else may come to pass we have a fine hill, the Home and Harvest Festival, and a chance to meet and skate - it should be good! I thought about shaving down the days, but in the end feel that 3 days is good insurance for weather. Apologies for late notice, but there has been a LOT hanging up in the air this year.... still not neat and tidy, but there is definitely a a race going on. There will be cones on the ground and cash prizes and absolutely as much race time as possible.

Hope to see you there!


Re: 2013 Antrim Can / Am Slalom Championships Sept 13-14-15

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:51 pm
by Dave Kirkpatrick
A Few Updates and Late Details for the 2013 Antrim Can / Am.

Race Fees: 75 for Adults, $35 for JRs - the PAYMENTS address for Paypal is I'll need online payments by Monday in order to be sure I have it available for cash prizes. I'll start shaking down REGISTERED Racers shortly. Cash at the race works too, but please register ASAP. As advised on the reg form, meals are not included in this reduced race fee this year.

REGISTRATION list is at ... testID=571
I'll be sending important race updates to the addresses on that list, so please sign up if you haven't already. I've chatted with several racers who I believe are coming but who have not yet signed up. It just takes a minute - PLEASE REGISTER! Know anyone not signed up? Give them a nudge!

Start Time Friday - We plan to start at 10AM with qualifying, then move on to TS racing. We will again squeeze in late qualifiers on Saturday, but those racers typically get little practice time. I considered not having Friday races this year, but we've seen qualifiers used as race results in the past due to unfavorable conditions. Three days offers some safety and more time to skate.

I think I've heard from everyone in need, but to be sure - HOUSING is again at Sargent Camp, $30 per night, they will provide bedding for $10 for the stay if you don't bring it. the address for Paypal payments is, same as for the race fees. Kweezer C suggested camping at 7 maples (free wifi) if you like camping:

SPONSORS: I've heard from a couple who are bringing goodies for prizes, many thanks to those who can and do support the race with the fun extra stuff. If I can be of assistance with anyone considering mailing stuff, let me know. (Priority Mail is our friend, and I'll pick up the tab for standard box sizes).

My PHONE and EMAIL: I must apologize, my communication has been less than stellar to this point. BUT I'm fully "on duty" from this point, so please get in touch if you have questions or need assistance. NEW EMAIL for the race is, I'll check it often. (My old teencenter@ address is no longer in use by me). My cell is 603-four-six-four-9631, after 7am and before 11PM is best. Facebook works as well, although it doesn't "stick" as well as email for me...

Thanks everyone for helping keep this going!

Re: 2013 Antrim Can / Am Slalom Championships Sept 13-14-15

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:37 am
by Dave Kirkpatrick
I took home some warmer, fuzzier thoughts after chatting with the crew at Dr. Dans yesterday:

The Can / Am racer list is rather short right now. And that's not such a bad problem for us racers! We have a lot of time on a great hill to find some way to have fun... We're going to get a LOT of skating in, and have plenty of time for tweaking as well.

For Antrim? We're always fun to watch. I don't think anyone on the bleachers is keeping score.

It appears we'll have plenty of time for extra / freebie races and practice. And if cash flow is holding anyone back (I've heard this from a few) don't let it. We need to get the "official business" done first of course, but after that we will set courses and skate some more, all are welcome. Helmet and waiver still required, and you won't get points or prizes, but we'd like to see our FRIENDS here. So do come ready to skate if you want to join us and make use of any extra hill time.

If you help out on the course during the main events, we'd love you even more.

Friday qualifiers and TS. Hmm... That's a leftover from races gone by. I doubt I'll repeat it (I think I said I wouln't last year). I know it makes it hard on a lot of racers. We're definitely going to skate Friday, run the TS, and set the Hybrid course, but don't worry if you can't get there, we'll qualify on Saturday as well. DO know that there will likely be time for an "extra" race or two in the afternoon, and again, that's a good thing.

Ala carte racing. We've signed up drop-ins for the Sunday GS in the past, and let's remind our friends that showing up Sunday is fine too. $30 for GS rings a bell.

I think we're all pretty revved up that we'll again own the hill for a few days... bigger pieces of pie this time?