Carnage on 4 Wheels

Slalom Skateboarding in New England U.S.A.

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Dan Parrish
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Carnage on 4 Wheels

Post by Dan Parrish » Sun May 22, 2016 10:23 pm

OK, so it's not really skateboarding related, but If anyone reading this forum is interested, I will be on network tV

My neighbor, the one who helped me make the race timer, and I are on this season's series: BATTLEBOTS on ABC TV.
Our robot is called BLACK ICE. It was designed as a double ended snowplow with cutting blades and a dart shooter. The plow blades at least were effective.

It was an amazing experience and the builder's engineering and fabrication skill was something to see. Most of the competitors have been doing this for 10+ years often perfecting the same robot. We were, I believe, the only ones there who had never competed in something like this before. Anyway we did better than I expected, that is to say, we didn't loose right away. ;o} The next show is on June 23.

Hope to see some of you on the hill soon…


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