Slalom Skateboarding in New England U.S.A.

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Dan Parrish
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Post by Dan Parrish » Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:48 am

Yup, doing it again this year!

October 16th, 2016
Ashton Lane, South Hadley, Massachusetts

Running the event the same as the last 8yrs, only this one will be even better!
Barbecue lunch at my place to rest and recoup between races. Feel free to bring donations for the feast but not necessary. Please let me know if you are coming and how many you are bringing so I know how much shopping to do.

See U there!

Miguel Marco
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Post by Miguel Marco » Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:33 pm

I sooooo wish I could make it Dan... :(

Dan Parrish
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Post by Dan Parrish » Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:25 am

So, sport fans… THE RESULTS ARE IN!

It was a crisp, clear fall day in western Massachusetts that found our merry band gathered to ride and race our wheeled platforms around obstacles and down the hill. The tight slalom race race came first, artfully laid out by Glenn. Initially, few were able to make it through, but successively, every one improved, first in getting through, then, with faster times. Glen placed the time to beat and then raised it. Meanwhile, the rest of us traded positions for 2nd place with nearly each run. We took many practice runs and then six timed runs each. It was hard to stop when "he just beat you by a tenth!"- but rules and fatigue brought it to a merciful end. At the end the standings were:

1. Glenn C. 11.175
2. Terry W. 11.718
3. Eric B. 11.813
4. Dave K. 11.979
5. Dan P. 12.079
6. Lindsey W. 14.704

After a break to reset, Glen laid out a fast, swoopy GS on the steep section with a wide crossover- (have to let the neighbors, smiling and shaking their heads get their cars through,) that lead back into a tighter section near the bottom. Definitely took some time to get used to. The speed up top led to some real G forces in the turns and with the speed, you needed to look and prepare way in advance to get your self through. Dave has some trouble with an untried new setup, and Lindsey entered from a "B" start. For the others, again the battle for second place was traded multiple times until the final results were:

lets call it a...
1. Glenn 17.189
2. Dan 17.958
3. Eric 18.803
4. Terry 18.833
5. Lindsey DNQ
5. Dave DNQ

After a long morning with lots of riding, we retired to the backyard for a late lunchtime barbecue. Burgers, sausage, salads, brew, and home-made apple pie (thanx honey!) were on the menu. As we ate, we watched leaves that had clung to the trees until we had just finished with the street falling around the yard. There was lots of talk of skating, surfing, music, mountain bikes and snowboards among friends until muscles began to stiffen and the hours got late. Another successful Barbecue/Race.
See you next year!!!

ps- Thanks Mig!

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