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Hans Koraeus
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Corky - World Ranking Master Mind
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Post by Hans Koraeus » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:17 pm

Registration for a slalom event on ISSA World Ranking site (

Go through this list step by step until it works for you.

1. Make sure you have a "Race Home Page" at the World Ranking website.
See topic New racer!

2. Go to

3. "Log in" (if you are registered on the ISSA forum and linked to the ranking). Use the same login and password as on the ISSA forum.

4. Go to your "Racer home page" and click on "Registrations".
If you have a Captcha dialog showing then enter the "numbers" in the "captcha" dialog to open registration
If you want to link your ranking login to the ISSA forum login then send the name you use at the ISSA forum to ISSA user administrator.
If you don't get a Captcha dialog on your registration page then you are linked to the ISSA forum.

5. Go to the ISSA forum and try to log in.
If there has been more than 3 failing attempts to log in on the ISSA forum the normal login will be closed.
To open up the "log in" again you need to log in on the [forum] where a CAPTCHA dialog will ensure you are not a robot.
Once logged in to the forum you can close the forum and log in on the ranking.

6. If you have forgot your password for the forum login click the link.
Add your user name and your e-mail and click the "Submit" button.
A new password will be sent to your e-mail address you registered with.

7. If you have country specific characters in your name it may cause problem.
We can change the username for the ISSA forum to avoid country specific characters.
Contact ISSA user administrator.

8. If the old e-mail address you registered with is no longer used we can
update your "ISSA forum user account" with your new e-mail address.
Contact ISSA user administrator.

Other registration problem
There has been some problem with a bot-robot trying to register at the world ranking site. Normally it should not be a problem since you need to pass a Captcha dialog or log in to register. But if a robot manage to pass these obstacles and try to register the registration is disabled and stopped.

When it does happen we need to open up the registration again. So if you see that the registration is closed give us a shout and we will open it up again. Or just come by later and try to register again.

ISSA user administrator

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