Event results for ISSA World Ranking

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Corky - World Ranking Master Mind
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Event results for ISSA World Ranking

Post by Hans Koraeus » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:49 pm

General event info
Click here, Calendar info to open up the information page for the race calendar.

The page explains how to add events to the race calendar.
Also how you use the calendar and how you open up the event homepages used for the rankings.

Events may also have external homepages but we can not trust on them existing forever.
So, that is why we need to keep our own event homepages for the slalom history archive.

Posting event results
You as an organizer are ultimately responsible for getting your event results registered into the ranking database.
If no results are registered the racers will not get any ranking points.

All of us are not good administrators or used to working with computers.
If you as event organizer are one of these people, or you understand that you will not have time to do it yourself, then this is ok.
But you then need to find sombody else who can help out with this.
And often the best choice is somebody who is not even personally involved on the event site.

All who are involved on the event site are often too much occupied with all work around that.
And are over-worked after the event is finished.
And the reason why it often fails with fast and reliable result registration.

Try to find a person who are at home to whom you just can send over the result. Either as a document or just a picture.
And plan this well in advance so that person can test and practice before the event.

This is a list you can follow to find a result administrator for your event.
1. Yourself. If you think you have time and energy for it.
2. Somebody else in your event organization.
Preferably somebody not involved on the event site.
3. Ask your country slalom coordinator if there is any.
4. Ask the status marshals in your World Region for help.
5. For any help with how it works, technical problems or other reasons ask the Ranking Supervisor.

Contact any of above directly or post questions in this topic.

Posting event results for international 25-cone World Series
All organizers or administrators of a sub spot event will register their own results.
All 25-cone organizers have a special "Messenger group" where they all help each other out.
If you want to set up a 25-cone race for the first time write a post below and we will help out.

Event homepage
For a list of all events with results or missing results select CALENDAR.

If you want to keep a direct link to your ISSA event home page
X = your ISSA event id. Open up the homepage from the calendar and look for id=0000 in the event link.


Once the results have been registered for the ranking you will find the results on your ISSA event homepage.

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