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[2008] So Cal Outlaw GS Series - Race #4 -- Review and pics

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:19 pm
by Maria Carrasco
Last Saturday we had our 4th and final race in our So Cal Outlaw GS Series. One great benefit of this series was that it gave us all an extra reason to get together. Richy and I have traveled a lot this season but some of our most special memories will be from these local, low-key events. Thanks to so many good friends who have traveled near and far to share that with us.

After Race #3 at JPL was rained out -- we were extra-pumped for this finale event to be great. It was hot and sunny at the Pump Station with no threat of rain in sight. The out of town guest list added to the stoke – Marty Schaub flew in from Georgia, Ryan Ricker from New Mexico and the CCMF crew drove at least 6 hours from SLO to be there.

Young gun Kirby Cox pushes in

Racers were divided into Pro and Open classes for three runs – fastest time wins. The push-start course was fast and fun – set to take advantage of this excellent hill. In fact, this course was originally set at series race #2. For the series, we decided to mark and re-use the courses at both venues (JPL and Pump) so returning racers would have the opportunity to compare their times and gear performance. At series race #2 the bar was set by Martin Reaves with his winning time of 30.21 seconds. This time though a new course record of 29.53 was set by Richy Carrasco. The Bomber was “on” hitting sub-30 on every run sealing the win for this season finale race and also for the overall Pro “King of So Cal” series title win. Ryan Ricker clinched 2nd place with a time of 30.56 barely nudging Jonny Miller into 3rd with his 30.57 time. Marty Schaub upset the Open Class with his 31.82 run – breaking the winning streak of Jay LaPalm who wasn’t far behind with 31.85. Local Wildman Chris Yandall took 3rd with a 32.33 time.

Richy "Brown Bomber" Carrasco

Ryan Ricker

Jonny Miller

Lynn Kramer

Marty Schaub

Jay LaPalm

Chris Yandall

We finished the racing in good time but unfortunately not everyone went home unscathed. Chris Leach went down pretty spectacularly to finish with a broken clavical instead of a time. Sorry Chris – heal quick!

Chris Leach

Before heading off to Pizza Port in Carlsbad for the series wrap party – we divided the cash among the top 4 pro finishers, award plaques to the top 4 in each class and the generous schwag donations to all.

Pro Podium (from left to right): Jonny Miller 3rd, Richy Carrasco 1st, Ryan Ricker 2nd, and Brent Kosick 4th

Ryan Ricker -- flashes some of his pro cash winnings

Open Podium (from left to right): Chris Yandall 3rd, Marty Schaub 1st, Jay LaPalm 2nd (Steve Collins - 4th but not pictured - had to leave early)

Special awards were handed out to the overall series winners as follows:

Pro – Richy Carrasco - 2008 King of So Cal

Open – Jay LaPalm - 2008 King of So Cal

Women – Lynn Kramer - 2008 Queen of So Cal

A special tribute was made by Jonny Miller and Jay LaPalm in memorium of Peter Ramirez.
Jay and Jonny

Special thanks to all the racers, family & friends who pitched in to help things run smoothly including LCB Lynn, Erik & Tiger for providing the timing gear, CCMF Ronda for expertly logging the timed runs, Justin Yandall (son of Chris) for keeping the racers in order at the start line, Shufly with special guest Di Dootson who camped mid-course to watch for cones and coach racers on their way back up the hill and to EBasil & Kai from Silverfish were there getting some great pics from all angles. Major props to the sponsors that joined Sk8Kings to provide a generous prize pool for the racers including – Khiro, PocketPistols, Randal, Radikal, Oust, Skaterbuilt, and Timeship.

Official Timekeeper -- Ronda

Denis Shufelt shares some wisdom with Ryan Ricker

Marty Schaub with old pal Di Dootson

Lou Ann and Bob from Khiro

Some of the schwag from our sponsors

Until next time -- Peace Out

Final Results for So Cal Outlaw GS Series – Race #4
Series Finale at Pump Station Poway
Oct 25, 2008

1st Richy Carrasco – 29.53 (0 cones)
2nd Ryan Ricker – 30.56 (0 cones)
3rd Jonny Miller – 30.57 (0 cones)
4th Brent Kosick – 30.85 (0 cones)
5th Lynn Kramer – 31.01 (0 cones)
6th Dave Rogers – 31.38 (0 cones)
7th Michael Kaelon – 31.43 (after 1 cone)

1st Marty Schaub - 31.82 (after 1 cone)
2nd Jay LaPalm - 31.85 (after 2 cones)
3rd Chris Yandall - 32.33 (0 cones)
4th Steve Collins – 32.78 (0 cones)
5th Kirby Cox -- 34.32 (after 1 cone)
6th AJ Haiby -- 35.91 (0 cones)
Chris Leach -- DNF

Overall Series Winners
King of So Cal 2008 – Richy Carrasco (Pro)
King of So Cal 2008 – Jay LaPalm (Open)
Queen of So Cal 2008 - Lynn Kramer (Women)

Pics featured here are either by Maria Carrasco or courtesy of Silverfish. You can view the entire Silverfish gallery on line at

MSK shot a cool vid of one of his practice runs using his new helmet cam -- check it out here:

I'll be posting more pics of this event as time permits. Check in at for updates.