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[2011] Tight Slalom, Bicknell Hill, Sep 2, after dark

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:41 pm
by Steve Collins
Hey all, Gilmour's setting a tight slalom course on Bicknell Hill, using his lighted cones. $20, a helmet and a skateboard gets you in. See you there!

Date & time: 2 September 2011, after dark, or when the gate is locked, probably not later than 8:30
Location: Bicknell Hill, Bicknell & Ocean, Santa Monica, CA
Discipline: Tight, as in 'nice and tight'
Race Organizers: Skaterbuilt Dave & Floyd Reid
Course Setter: John Gilmour
-------make the course
-------show everybody what a badass you are
-------don't bogart that chingalinga
Sanction: over there by the badges

Re: Tight Slalom, Bicknell Hill, 9-2-11, after dark

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:50 pm
by Steve Collins
What happened:

Gilmour set up a massive station with platters & speakers and the works at the bottom of the hill and fired up the disco music. We practiced for a bit before a kids race was run briefly at the bottom of the hill. After that the main race began. Maysey, Floyd, Tiger, Zak, Gilmour, Davebuilt and myself got in a run. Floyd was laying down his second run (clean, as I recall) when a non-racing skater who was just hanging with the crowd and goofing suddenly went down hard on his head. No helmet. He convulsed on the ground for a minute and remained unconscious for about ten. Race over. Fire & paramedics arrived quickly and spent 15 minutes stabilizing the guy before rolling him onto a gurney with his head taped in place and rushing him off to the hospital. The skaters mostly drifted off into the darkness, just a few hanging around to make sure the guy's stuff & car got taken care of and his family got called.

I heard from Gilmour yesterday that the guy is OK.