June 23, 2012 - South Bend, IN - ISSA PRIME

Slalom Skateboarding in the Midwest U.S.A.

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June 23, 2012 - South Bend, IN - ISSA PRIME

Postby Peter Metzger » Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:56 pm


2012 Pinhook Slalom Open
June 23, 2012 in Pinhook Park, South Bend IN

Hybrid and Tight Slalom
Pro, Amateur, and Beginner groups
dual lane, double elimination racing for Pro and Am with start ramps
single lane racing from a pushbox for beginner group
lunch, possibly dinner, and a t-shirt included with registration, as well as shuttle from hotel to race site.

Entry Fee is $50, but register before May 1 for 5% off!
Late registration (after June 13) will be $60 and does not include t-shirt

This race is also being run as a benefit for Charity: Water, a group that provides clean water sources in places where there are none. Our goal is to raise $5,000 which is enough to fund one water project - providing a village of about 250 people with clean water and changing their lives forever. ALL proceeds (everything that comes in after race expenses are covered) will go toward this project; I won't get a penny of it, and Envision (my company) won't get a penny of it. Additionally, everything donated to our Charity: Water project goes directly to costs involved with putting that water project on-site. All of their administrative costs are covered by private backers. 18 months after the project is funded, we'll all be provided with pictures, maps, and GPS coordinates of the water site we funded.

The central site for information and registration is http://race.envisionskate.com - this is where all information and relevant links are posted (or will be posted soon). To find out more about the charity side of the race, check out http://mycharitywater.org/slalom. To sign up now, head over to http://slalom.eventbrite.com.

I'd be more than happy to field questions about the event, so lay them on me!
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