skf bearings tested marked with very good !!!!!

SKF bearings

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skf bearings tested marked with very good !!!!!

Post by Bernhard Kuempel » Fri Dec 30, 2005 3:14 pm

So far now:

A "very good" for SKF-Bearings

Winter, cold and snow are bad premises to cruise around the blocks with inline skates[rollerblades]. But still this time of the year is the best to check out the latest products for the next season. The right shoe, adequate wheels, safe protectors and frictionless bearings are the most important components about inline skating.

Therefore the editors of the leading sports magazine for inlineskaters, "skate-IN", have tested 43 bearings of different brands. In the SKF-Laboratory in Schweinfurt specialists verified the details the producers provided for the bearings, tested the radial-force and checked their noise level.
All SKF-bearings like "stuntmaster" or "downhill" had excellent results and got the mark "very good".

They may be more expensive first than other bearings, but they provide more pleasure to the skaters, according to Gerhard Schwierz, Skate-IN-expert for materials and technics: "Buying more expensive bearings actually always is a good choice. The durability, coming from the accuracy in production and the used materials, is much higher."

The bearing-test has been published in the Skate-IN magazine (november - february 2005/2006.

Under the picture:
In the SKF-Laboratory in Schweinfurt specialists tested 43 different bearings of the most different brands. All SKF bearings were labelled as "very good". ... 307&t=.jpg

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