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MAXIMUS and More new gear for 2008!

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 5:54 am
by Maria Carrasco
Stoked to report new items previewed in the Buyer's Guide are either in house or will be arriving in the next week or two ...

New decks are due to start arriving next week:
including our new AXE Army Weapon of Destruction . . .
due in first of the month (May) for immediate shipping -- PRE-BOOK YOUR MAXIMUS HERE

FOAMCORE Clearance: We still have a few of the collector foam cores left AND we have added them to our special sale line-up at a killer new low price. Get one while they last. Pics of actual decks are viewable on our website.

TRUCKS -- We have a fresh batch of machine-cut SKENNETTS in the house (both colorways) and coming soon -- the new Randal 125mm trucks . . .

FYI - our new 60mm wheels that so many customers have requested are in and shipping now:
Think original Crown Jewels on steroids . . .
production run sets are getting around and feedback is GREAT!
and our new 8" deck featuring Amoeba art by our good friend CP Kaestner --

Keep tabs on all the new gear at SK8KINGS here: Latest Gear at SK8KINGS



Updates on Maximus and more

Posted: Sat May 03, 2008 8:44 pm
by Maria Carrasco
Just a quick update.

Maximus is nearly finished -- just getting the graphics screen printed and then it's on! Will ship all preorders out first thing when we return from Paris -- beginning May 19. Thanks for all the interest everyone!

CP Kaestner's Amoeba Invasion collector deck is in the house and shipping now. Will also be adding complete option too later.

We have all the new Seismic Black Ops Formula Hot Spots and 77mm Speed Vents in the house too for shipping now.

AND for all you bushing enthusiasts . . . I just received the first batch of the new bushings introduced with the Tracker Fastrack trucks. Initially only available in the trucks -- now available in sets a la carte. They are really meaty bushings which should be of particular interest to slalom racers . . . they come in three duros (90a, 94a & 97a) and I have the 94's and 97's in house now. 90's are coming in next so stay tuned. Adding these and many new things to the web store in the next couple of days.

Note -- While we are in Paris for the Slalom World Cup -- there may be a delay in shipping for orders placed from May 5 - 15. We have made arrangements to have orders for "off the shelf" type items (such as wheels, bushings, bearings etc.) to be processed and shipped while we are gone. Anything to be built or customized -- will be processed when we return to ensure customer satisfaction. If in doubt, please inquire by e-mail before ordering to avoid unexpected delays. I'll be checking e-mail from abroad but there will be no telephone customer service while we're gone. If you need something special fast -- call or e-mail no later than this Sunday/Monday so we can prepare it for you before we go. Thanks for your patience.

We'll be seeing some of you in Paris!



Posted: Sat May 03, 2008 9:14 pm
by Robert Gaisek
Will you send me something for the exhibition?