Kebbek's 2013 lineup

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Alex Ireton
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Kebbek's 2013 lineup

Post by Alex Ireton » Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:31 pm

Not that I'm a spokesperson or anything, but the new lineup from Kebbek contains an a few decent updates.

Part of which is the new Snaker model which is taking the place of the PGS.
It looks to be pressed from the same mould, but with a different cut & a more park friendly wheelbase option to boot, 15.9-21.8"

The topmount 33 is a smaller version of the rookie, although it seems like it might have a touch of rocker & the concave is different from the usual SC concave.
With wheelbase option coming in 23.5" to 25" this might be tempting for those wanting a slightly wider deck for really fast GS.

Here's a link to the catalogue:

Here's the line up, linked from Kebbek's FB page

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