So Vlad ... about that Insect

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Richard Grant
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So Vlad ... about that Insect

Post by Richard Grant » Thu Aug 11, 2005 3:17 am

That's cool pic of you on the Insect web site. I'm guessing the location is one of those secret Metro park-n-ride lots?

I think somewhere I've read that you prefer stiff decks to bouncy ones, in general -- but in the Insect photo you are ripping on a City Bomber, which I thought was one of those Swiss-style flexy cambered designs. So I'm curious about your feelings about this deck as compared to the Insect Sidewinder GS, which is also 32" but seems more like a conventional North American-style slalom design.

I'm a totally non-competitive skater -- I mostly run cones by myself or with a friend in local parking lots -- looking for something to fill out the bigger, grand slalom end of my quiver. Podium potential is not an issue, but it would be cool to make crazier offsets on more challenging courses than I've been setting so far.

Thanks for any comments you may have about this.

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