wich pads on a hybrid?

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Jérôme Colot
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wich pads on a hybrid?

Post by Jérôme Colot » Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:27 pm

Hello everybody,

i'm new in slalom and i have some questions about my future slalom board!!!
i just want to know wich pads i have to put on rear and front of my board? (what's the standard/usual setup?)

my setup is

whells hot spot 69mm
front truck : tracker RTS (or X don't remember wich one is on the front)
rear truck: kaliber offset (like the airflow offset)
khyro withe in front and blue at rear
and i ride with very loosened trucks

thanks =Djé=

Vincent Berruchon
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Post by Vincent Berruchon » Fri Dec 01, 2006 5:28 pm

Welcome Djé ;)

Precision about the trucks: RT-X is the front truck, because -S is for Stable
so "X" is the most agile

About angled wedge risers:
the usual setting come from the fact that most of us want the front truck to be agile and that it could turn quickly
and the rear truck to be stable

so both pads will be set in the same direction: thin part of the pad facing the nose/front side of the board

After the angle of the wedge riser will often change
most of people use angle from around 10° and more (and at least 5°)
I suppose 11° is quite usual, I think it corresponds to the basic soft wedge riser.
But with RT-X a lot of guy put 2 risers on the front to be more turny.

Another thing, with boards with tail you'll need some big risers with big angle. You'll have to compensate the tail and perhaps add some angle to be more stable. It could even be hard to set up sometime.

If you have some euros to spend, the riser box from Khiro is great, that allow you to test a lot of possibilities.

See you soon ;)
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Jérôme Colot
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Post by Jérôme Colot » Sat Dec 02, 2006 10:09 am

Thanks for your tips Vinzzz

here is the tips from insect skateboard... meaby it will help some other newbies ;)
There is not really a "standard" setup for riser pads on a slalom board. Everyone seems to have their own favorite way of doing it. But... I can tell you a very good place to start. This was recommended to me by Gary Fluitt (of Splitfire Trucks) and it works extremely well. For the front Tracker RT-X, use two Khiro 10º wedges. This sets the front truck at a 20º angle. For the rear truck, use a 1/2" (12mm) flat riser, or one with a very small angle wedged forward. This rear truck setup is for a Tracker RT-S, but should work well with your Airflow or any other rear truck.

This may not be the perfect setup for you, but it does work very well and is a great way to start. You can always modify it later if you want to.

pavel dagger
insect hybrid

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