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front and back

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:28 am
by Steve Pederson

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:38 pm
by Sebastien Leger
Hey Steve,

Did you put a sticker with the angle chart on the side or did it comes with it?

Nice looking truck!! Very clean!

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:06 pm
by Steve Pederson
The sticker came applied to the truck. The truck belongs to a friend.

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:53 pm
by Cat Young
All fronts are gone.
I have 2 rears that have not been sold.
Waiting for the shipment any day now from GermanTown.

Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:37 am
by Cat Young
All rears SOLD.
Thank you!

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:16 am
by Steve Pederson

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:44 pm
by Jonathan Harms
Nice use of the macro setting, Steve. Your photos show the details of the trucks really well.

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:01 pm
by Eddy Martinez
MaryHill Killers I tell you. Never doubted for minute. Your Amigo Eddy Texas Outlaws

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:02 pm
by Márcio Benevides
What is used as a reference line to see the angle the truck is set?

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:02 am
by Pat Chewning
Márcio Benevides wrote:What is used as a reference line to see the angle the truck is set?
It appears to me that the center of the lowest angle-setting bolt hole is used as the reference. (So the pic above is near 0*, and the pic a couple of posts above is near 20*)

It also appears to me that the scale is reversed. As it is now, 0* gives the most steering and 90* gives the least steering. (The opposite of the normal way of thinking.)

WAIT A SECOND! I just re-checked the photos. If I'm not mistaken, the rear truck scale reads the opposite of the front truck scale. On one truck, 0* is the most steering and on the other truck, 0* is the least steering.

I'm sure they are great trucks, but inconsistent in the steering scale.

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 8:21 pm
by Donald Campbell
with all due respect pat:
but your assumption is completely wrong.
inconsistent in the steering angle is the funniest thing that has ever been said so far.

maybe you take your time and get on a board with gog's and then we can talk again.
thank you!

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:46 am
by Neil Orta
I see what you are seeing as well Pat.

With all due respect Donald can you explain why the 0 degree mark in the top post appears to be closest to the pivot cup and the last photo shows the 0 degree mark at the kingpin? And why is there no mark to align the scale?

This is what Pat is referring to as inconsistant steering angle and it is clear as day in the photos whether or not you are on board with GOG.

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:23 am
by Ross Young
Different geometry's for 2 different trucks? Top is a front 'foxy' bottom is rear JM.

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:07 am
by Jonathan Harms
OK, this is just getting silly now.

Look: In the very first photo in this thread, i.e. the Ramón (Foxy) truck, the closer the zero lines up with the bolt in the baseplate, the MORE turn the truck has; as the numbers get higher, the LESS turn it has. That's the exact opposite of how such things are usually measured--which is what Pat and Neil were pointing out. On the Mitchell (rear) truck, of which there are two photos in the same post, the scale reads correctly, i.e. the closer to zero it is, the LESS turny the truck is.

The most likely explanation is that the sticker on the Foxy has simply been applied on the wrong side of the hanger. If it were placed on the other side, the zero and the 50 would be reversed, and the scale would read correctly. Likewise, if the sticker on the Mitchell truck were applied to the other side of the hanger, it would read wrong.

The solution? Put the sticker on the correct side of the truck next time. Or find a "left side" sticker and a "right side" sticker that put the marks in the right place.

As for where the reference point is for reading the scale...not my problem, thank God. Perhaps we can start a separate thread to misinterpret that, too. My head hurts...

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:21 am
by Pat Chewning
Yes, Jonathan, either one of those would fix the inconsistency.

It really is a minor flaw in an otherwise elegant design.

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:16 am
by Donald Campbell
so i was way too buys to check back,jonathan-you did the right thing.
solid explanation with unsolved mysteries...
the scapegoat is frank beste who admitted that he put the sticker the wrong way on the truck.

besides that,my posts read too offensive(note to myself-try to write more polite or you might sound like an asshole).

besides that again,well yes so there is not really much going on,otherwise that thread would be dead.

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:28 pm
by Jonathan Harms
OK, so now we can move on to the real question: When does the GOG park/pool truck come out? You know, the one with 8mm axles, a low, no-snag kingpin, super light weight, good turning ability and that killer GOG style?

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:42 pm
by Pat Chewning
The GOG thread is not dead. I visit it regularly to drool over trucks that I wish I could buy.

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:55 pm
by Rick Floyd
I would like to note that the "O" in GOG is perfectly centered between the two "G's".

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:24 pm
by Steve Pederson
Different boards have different nose and tail angles.The truck angles need to be calibrated to the board you are using.

Mount the truck on your board. Set the kingpin to be straight up and down. Make a mark at the zero position. Then adjust the truck to the angle you want. to calibrate a German bathtub faucet..........................


Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 6:26 am
by Steve Pederson

Posted: Fri May 06, 2011 2:34 am
by Steve Pederson

Posted: Fri May 06, 2011 9:39 am
by Donald Campbell
superduper thank you to steve pederson.
we will bag all trucks in the future and include those info sheets
thanks again from our side and i guess from all skaters around the world steve!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 12:04 pm
by Manuel Frei
hey guys

extremli good work! shoud bee a big help for all the peoples who dont onderstand how the gog trucks works perfect ;)