[Canada] Longboard Haven

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Rob Sydia
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[Canada] Longboard Haven

Post by Rob Sydia » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:44 pm

Longboard Haven is Toronto's oldest/newest skate shop offering quality longboards and skate gear for riders of all ages and abilities.

Longboard Haven is a name with deep roots in Toronto longboarding. The shop's first incarnation in 2006, was an underground operation run by Patrick "P-Swiss" Switzer, 2011 Downhill World Champion.

LBH is again alive and well, Rob Sydia and co-founder Michael "Smooth Chicken" McGown have re-established Longboard Haven across from Moss Park on Queen Street East.

Our philosophy is simple, "if we won't ride it, we won't sell it", we are focused on providing the best equipment, customer service and expertise.

Longboard Haven provides a unique retail environment and a sincere desire to get new riders into the community and seasoned riders shredding harder.

Longboard Haven believes that choosing the 'right' set-up is a personalized process and is dependent on a rider's age, ability and desired function. By offering our customers the best products made by top brands, we provide a wide selection to choose from, while assisting in finding the 'perfect' combination that matches their needs.


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