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Skate academy in Prague

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:17 am
by Petr Kral
Hello guys,

Skate Academy is the name for a skateboarding school that is guided by fun group lessons and is designed for children aged 4-16. Our goal is that each skate park will have its Skate Academy where a trained and experienced lecturer who cares about local riders.

Skate Course Contents:

Consultation on equipment.

History of skateboarding and nomenclature.

Skatepark label - safety and operating rules.

Basic skateboarding (basic positioning, reflection, riding, turning, stopping but also falling)

For the more experienced, the school is preparing basic but also more complex tricks

The lesson lasts 60 minutes and includes:
Equipment check
Warm-up and stretching, motion games (about 5 minutes)
Tuition itself (skateboarding)

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