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Projeto Rio Slalom

Postby Jani Soderhall » Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:38 am

By Guto Jimenez:

The "Projeto Rio Slalom" is a project to develop slalom skateboarding in Rio de Janeiro state. Its goals are to attract riders for the activity, to integrate the riding to the respective communities and to publish the demonstrations on the specialized media. The integration between the colaborators, the communities and local authorities has proved to be very fruitful as it's the best way to achieve the objectives.

Each performance on the "Projeto Rio Slalom" will take 2 to 3 hours, in which the history of slalom skateboarding will be presented through quick lectures, followed by demonstrations with amateur, professional and veteran riders, as well as performing "slalom clinics" for the general public.

All those who are interested on the project may join it by simply donating 2 kgs of non-perishable foods, and the total will be donated to specific institutions.

The project is still in embryonary status. We intend to give a start to in next Sunday (June 5th), during the "8o Encontro Gonçalense de Longboard", the 8th annual longboarding meeting in the neighborhood city of São Gonçalo - the most traditional meeting of longboarders in the state. Later on, we intend to take slalom skateboarding to beach-front neighborhoods such as Ipanema, Flamengo or the city of Búzios as well as to less favored suburban areas, such as Meier and Quintino.

We're doing it by ourselves this year, that is, counting with no help besides that from the community's local riders. If the project receives the proper media coverage, we intend to take it to another level in 2012 by involving the authorities in the logistics (and possible financing) necessary to the demonstrations.

Thanks to Flavio Badenes and ISSA for spreading the word on Rio's scene!
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Re: Projeto Rio Slalom

Postby John Gilmour » Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:08 pm

Hi I used to go to Escola Americana with Erik Wilner..we were '70s skaters and rode Campo Graande a lot.

I have made it a pint to drop into slalom skate scenes in different countries to help them get a boost.

I have family in Leblon and would like to help with your project. I noticed that all the World Championship entries are from SP and wish to see a Carioca in the registrations...not seeing one tells me that Rio slalomers might benefit from me visiting.

Also my family might be able to get you access to Novo Leblon, Novo Ipanema and other places like that.
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john gilmour
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