Health and Safety at Comps [Hannover 2008]

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Chris Linford
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Health and Safety at Comps [Hannover 2008]

Post by Chris Linford » Wed Jan 09, 2008 4:46 pm

H & S is critical and should be considered at all events to ensure that the organisers are legally covered. Each race should have a risk assessment but this could be simplified if there are rules on issues like manhole covers and obsticles on the track.

There were a few issues in Hannover, one where the skaters skated past the start ramp for the H2H and if something went wrong there could have been a serious injury or death. The organisers would be held responsible as would also the ISSA for sanctioning the event.

Each track should be signed off by an official. If I am there I can help with this but I will not be at many events.

It only needs one person to bring this about, it may not be the person injured but their legal team. Spectator safety was another issue in Hannover in the GS and the manhole covers in the H2H.

You can ignore this but with the current EU laws on this I would not recommend it.

Have fun, but do not make thing crappy for safety.


Vincent Berruchon
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Post by Vincent Berruchon » Wed Jan 09, 2008 11:47 pm

About safety, perhaps it's not easy but what could be advised to organizers:
Big events (MAIN and MAJOR) events should have on site first aid team or ambulance, rescue and medical team.
Smaller events should at least have first aid equipment and if possible people who do know first aid.
Off course yes, it has a cost: in Paris, for the Trocadero Grand Prix/PSWC we are paying at least one doctor to be on ready the site (it's why it's cool for us to share the events with some others things, to share the cost) - but a real urgence doctor is way more secure than a red cross first aid team of thing like that that don't know what to do when it more then a scratch.
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Carsten Pingel
Carsten Pingel
Carsten Pingel
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Post by Carsten Pingel » Fri Jan 11, 2008 8:59 am

In hannover an ambulance and a doctor were available! Remember the Interview Video of Steve Olson ? This was done in front of that ambulance car!
But you are right! It was kind of dangerous to pass the starting ramp platform with full speed!