2012 International Slalom Contest Schedule

Scheduled Slalom Races 2012

Moderators: Peter Pletanek, Petr Janousek, Ricardo Damborenea

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2012 International Slalom Contest Schedule

Post by Peter Pletanek » Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:24 pm

Post a reply to this announcement if you see something that needs to be added or modified on the

slalomranking.com events calendar for 2012

After the events-schedule on slalomranking.com has been updated, your post will be moved to the
Thread to discuss Dates, Status voting etc. for 2012.

------------------------------------------- most important documents for organizing a slalom event -------------------------------------------
--> ISSA 2012 Contest Sanction Application Form download document necessary for MAJOR or MAIN or PRIME Status Sanction request
--> ISSA 2012 Contest Status Recommendation Guide download document
--> ISSA Slalom Skateboarding Rules download document
--> Cone Judging Booklet download document
--> Very helpful Promoter Checklist (from Pencil to Timing System) download document

The Status Marshals and Supporter of National Coordinators for the East Atlantic Regions are:
--- Petr Janousek (for Czech Republic, Latvia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Finland)
--- Ricardo Damborenea (for Spain, France, Italy)
--- Peter Pletanek (for Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Russia)

The Status Marshals for the West Atlantic Regions are:
--- Lynn Krammer
--- Jonathan Harms
--- Mary Beth Lavoie

The Status Marshals and Supporter of National Coordinators for the West Pacific Regions Regions are:


Please announce here only races where following information are clear and more less fix
and please, use this kind of Format:

Name: Name of the competition
Format: like -> hybrid / giant slalom / special slalom / super giant slalom etc.
Date: from/to; the exactly Date of the competition
Location: City, State
Sanction: PLAIN or BASIC or candidate for MAJOR/MAIN/PRIME or link to the approved Contest Sanction Application Form
Contact: contact person and/or Email

Nice to have
Info: briefly, additinonaly information like website etc.
Forum: if exists, link to the corresponding ISSA forum thread where you can share more details about this event
Remarks: if you have some
Lattitude: 48.1372536 and
Longitude: 11.5754023 ( example is for Munich, Germany )

If you want to discuss issues regarding events status voting, preannouncements. dates etc...
Please use this discuss thread for 2012 Contest Calendar

thanks for working together and understanding
Peter Pletanek
ISSA calendar supervisor for the 2012 season

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