Slalom manifesto!

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Paul Price
Pavel Racing Team
Pavel Racing Team
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Slalom manifesto!

Post by Paul Price » Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:15 pm

Slalom manifesto! We just had the Olympics in London. Zen and the Art of Slalom Competition.
For major events - here is my wish list. Local small events are different.
Make posters, announce time of finals - put them up everywhere.
Employ PR and publicity person to contact newspapers, radio, TV etc.
Employ marketing students to get sponsorship, product and money and pay them by commission.
Have an official race committee with clearly defined responsibilities.
Limit racers to top 6 per nation, or use slalom ranking and fill vacant spots with racers down the list.
Provide food, lodging, toilets and airport/race transport, or at least get the best deals for racers.  
Have a place for racers to meet every evening.
Set up ramps, timing, courses etc very early on day, before racers arrive, so racing can start on time.
Have clear timetable. Pro racing is the main event, all else as time allows.
Use proven timing systems,  like ski club systems.
Set course on day of race, use 3 racers from 3 nations to set course.
Have a detailed riders meeting, explain options especially on day when it will rain.
Set pro courses, tight means tight!
Have a dedicated race starter, if racer misses start it's a DQ.
Have a dedicated Chief Cone Head in charge of Cone Heads, and write cone totals as a check.
Have 3 fixed video cameras to record each run. Put film on computer and send to racers after race.
Have a great MC on PA to inform racers and crowd of times, and to keep the party going (in English)!
Have a maximum of 2 runs practice, only if time allows, DQ riders who poach runs.
Make all qualifying combined 2 runs due to variable wind conditions.
Make GS combined time, best 2 runs added together of 3 or 4 runs. 
Do GS race order based on rankings, fastest runs last.
Do final ranking on times in actual races, not qualifying to encourage fast racing.
Have computers and MC on finish line, not top of hill.
Person to write times on whiteboard. Printer to print times after each run (buy a cheap printer).
Person to hand-write times and cone penalties to double check data input mistakes.
Prize money, or formula calculation to be announced before race.
Product donated to be declared before race and given lot numbers.
Give at least Medals to top three racers.
After medal ceremony, do raffle of all product lot numbers, must be present to win, people will stick around!
That's it, That's all.

Richy Carrasco
AXE Army
AXE Army
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Re: Slalom manifesto!

Post by Richy Carrasco » Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:32 pm

Right on Paul! Great ideas make for more positive progress!

Jani Soderhall
ISSA President 2011-2020
ISSA President 2011-2020
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Re: Slalom manifesto!

Post by Jani Soderhall » Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:30 pm

We could collect all good ideas and put together a long document that describes all the good stuff you should do to host a top notch event. Nothing is completely new I guess, but let's use the accumulated experience of all now.

Keep ideas flowing.


Paul Price
Pavel Racing Team
Pavel Racing Team
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Joined: Fri May 02, 2003 2:00 am

Re: Slalom manifesto!

Post by Paul Price » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:05 pm

Random notes after doing more races:

1. Very important to have good cone marshals and a chief cone judge who can take charge.
Pay the cone marshals - money well spent.
A race needs good start ramps, good timers, good cone marshals and good weather. Everything else is secondary.

2. Test timing early! Have a 2nd person to write times (and cone counts) on timer by hand (on a whiteboard) to catch data input errors by timer person.

3. Start earlier i.e 8am - there is never enough time (and risk of rain).
Tell every body to be there at 8am ready and do riders meeting in case plans have to change that day day due to rain.

4. If there is a risk of rain do Hybrid pre-qualifying the day before if rain is forecast.
If it looks clear the qualifying can be done again on the actual day.

5. Also - will there be a limit to number of riders? Let each country use their own races to decide who can come? If we know the number of riders you can better calculate time needed to run through races.

6. Get papers, TV, media, BBC etc involved - have a media time set for interviews
and let them know the time of the pro finals. Run the pros 1st so media is there.

7. Get an MC, sound system. Announce racer times - get crowd involved - inform skaters, of times etc music for atmosphere.

8. Have a video camera on tripod running at all times for dispute resolution.

9.Pay for an official photographer to take photos of every run including practice.
At the USASA Nationals people paid $$$ to have all the events photos - videos to be put on a DVD.

10. Find a professional publicist to get sponsors - pay them only a percentage of money/sponsors they bring in.
Have one side of the race hill with barricades and sell each one for banner space.
Offer to make the banner for the local businesses.This worked well in Australian races.

11. Have an official race starter- with a megaphone. important to start riders on time.
Limit to 2 practice runs, marked - but enforce it - no snaking!
Anyone snaking would be DQ instantly - we believed him and it worked.

12. Have ribbon medals or something to hand out down to 5th for each race.
Plan for awarding swag after podiums - give out a raffle ticket.
Or simply do a random selection of riders names and let each winner have a choice from the swag table.
Must be present to win.

13. Will there be an overall placing for the weekend? Using ISSA points system?

14. Setting course - ideally use 3 different nationality racers to set on morning of race.
However this is hardly ever done so using prior marked courses is also OK (but an advantage for the local riders!)

15. Lunches - not a priority as long as the snack bar is open for business and has enough food and staff to cater for the large number of riders. Perhaps racers could be given a voucher for a sandwich and drink.

16. Help for travelling skaters - pick up from tube? transport from campsite?
Alternate hotel for those not wanting to camp?
As we race travellers know the more help and information the better.
Is there a venue organised for evening get together, like the pub?

Well that's all I can think of for now - looking forward to seeing everyone in London - and maybe in Utah next season.
Or come over now for some mountain biking using the resort lifts. It's Awesome.


Paul Price
Pavel Racing Team

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