Stockholm, Sweden. August 24-25-26. Banked slalom, straight slalom and special slalom held in the ditch at High Valley Skateworld. Main organizer: Hans "Corky" Koraeus

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Hans Koraeus
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Corky - World Ranking Master Mind
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Post by Hans Koraeus » Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:20 pm

Short description of the "Banked Slalom World Championships" - Stockholm, SWE Aug 24-26
Which is a part of ISSA World Champions Super Final in Linköping, SWE, Aug 22-23(-24)

An official application form is under work.

This is an overview of the setup.

The main idea of the Banked Slalom World Championships is to make it in collaboration with other skate happenings.
Previous year for example it was done together with the Flatland Freestyle World Championships and the skate festival Bowlstock.
2018 it will be done in collaboration with ISSA World Champions Super Final.

The two events act like one big event handling all disciplines and classes in two parts.
One first part 2-3 days strictly concentrating only on the Pro class.
And a second part standard 2 days weekend for the other classes.

Proposed schema would be something like this.

- Linköping
Wed Aug 22: Open Pre-Qualification for the pro race. 4 open places.
Thu Aug 23: GS + Special (Pro)
Fri Aug 24: (Extra day if rain problem) + Bus to Stockholm

- Stockholm
Fri Aug 24: Straight + World Banked Slalom (Pro)
Sat Aug 25: Straight + World Banked Slalom (Wom, Am, Masters)
Sun Aug 26: Special (Wom, Am, Masters)

It will be a Main status Event.
The racing in Linköping is on a big festival for the city anniversary.
The racing in Stockholm is in the ditch at Highvalley Skate world.
World Champion titles are in play for the Banked Slalom discipline.

Setup for the Pro events on main race and festival day, Thursday Aug 23.
16 racers in the start field during Thursday.
12 select top pro racers will be pre-qualified for Thursday.
4 spots will be open for qualifying on Wednesday. All racers are welcome to qualify.

With this odd setup there will of course be many questions so feel free to ask them here.
And even if all details are not yet decided at this stage we will try and explain what we can.

Other days than Aug 23
Will have no selected/limited start field.

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