Announce your 2020 events here

Brief event announcements and discussions for the ISSA World Ranking Calendar 2020. Post here to have your event included in the calendar.

ISSA World Ranking calendar 2020

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Hans Koraeus
Corky - World Ranking Master Mind
Corky - World Ranking Master Mind
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Announce your 2020 events here

Post by Hans Koraeus » Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:02 am

Post a reply to this announcement if you see something that needs to be added or modified on the ISSA race calendar.
After the calendar has been updated, your post will be moved to the Thread to discuss Dates, Status voting etc for 2020.

ISSA Event Calendar 2020 Event Calendar 2020

Event documents and resources

The most important documents for organizing a slalom event
  • ISSA Contest Sanction Application Form
  • ISSA Contest Status Recommendation Guide
  • ISSA Slalom Skateboarding Rules
  • Cone Judging Booklet
  • Promoter Checklist
  • World record rules
Can be found here: Document resources

Status Marshals 2019

The 2019 Status Marshals and Supporter of National Coordinators.

East Atlantic Region
Status Marshals:
  • Tezzan Redman, SWE (for Sweden, Latvia)
    Michal Subrt, CZE (for Czech Republic, Latvia, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain)
    Alex Lutz, GER (for Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, The Netherlands).
National coordinators:
  • Anton Nikulin, Russia
West Atlantic Region
Status Marshals:
  • Maria Carrasco, USA
    Chris Cousineau, CAN
    Jack Andros, USA
National coordinators:
  • Brazil: Rogerio "Sammy" Nogueira
West Pacific Region
Status Marshals:
  • Mark Gorman, AUS
    --- Japan:
Contact them in this forum: Thread to discuss Dates, Status voting etc for 2020.

Basic event information wanted

Please use this format to make it easy for all of us:

Name: Name of the competition
Format: like -> hybrid / giant slalom / special slalom / super giant slalom etc.
Date: from/to; the exactly Date of the competition
Location: City, Spot (And state for USA)
Sanction: PLAIN or BASIC or Candidate for MAJOR/MAIN/PRIME or link to the approved Contest Sanction Application Form
Contact: contact person and/or Email

Nice to have
Info: briefly, additionally information like website etc.
Forum: if exists, link to the corresponding ISSA forum thread where you can share more details about this event
Remarks: if you have some
Map: Latitude: 48.1372536 and Longitude: 11.5754023 ( example is for Munich, Germany )

You may also register events with our new on-line registration form we are testing out.

  1. Log in on the ranking site and you will be forwarded to your personal ranking home page.
    You need to be logged in at the ranking site to use it. If you don't have your forum user linked to the ranking pages contact us and we will do it.
  2. On your new personal ranking home page select "Settings".
  3. Under "My settings - General" select "General settings - Add event to calendar".
  4. Select and fill in data on fields in the order they come up.
    Note the little information icon on the different sections. Click on it to get more information.
    If you still are missing some information let us know in this forum and we will add it.
  5. Once you post the "event registration" at the end we will have a look at it before we publish it.
    But the event page does exist, it's only that we don't show it in the calendar. It may be that you as organizer want to add some additional information before making the event public in the calendar. For example: Adding more information/articles/pictures. Adding more organizers. Adding some links to forum, facebook, ... Adding a poster. Adding map coordinates for a new spot (or an old spot with missing coordinates).
Try it out and let us know what you think.

Final words

After the calendar has been updated, your post will be moved to the Thread to discuss Dates, Status voting etc for 2020.

If you want to discuss issues regarding events status voting, pre-announcements, dates etc please use this thread.

Patric Duletzki
Board member and ISSA calendar supervisor 2019

Petr Matous
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Re: Announce your 2020 events here

Post by Petr Matous » Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:02 am

Hello Patric,

Name: Skate 'n' Roll Polička 2020
Format: GIANT / Dual HYBRID, Dual TIGHT
Date: from/to: 15th - 16th August 2020
Location: Polička & Široký Důl
Sanction: MAIN
Contact: Petr Matouš,

Nice to have
The CAMP will be from Monday evening to Thursday so from 10th to 13th August.
more info will be updated on and FB also, the hill is the same 2018 for Worlds, and the tight will be in the center of Polička next to the lake

Patric Duletzki
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Re: Announce your 2020 events here

Post by Patric Duletzki » Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:01 pm

Hey Petr,

the race is in the calendar now: ... ls&id=1149

Kind regards,


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