Thread to discuss Dates, Status, voting, etc for 2020

Brief event announcements and discussions for the ISSA World Ranking Calendar 2020. Post here to have your event included in the calendar.

ISSA World Ranking calendar 2020

Moderators: Hans Koraeus, Robert Thiele, Patric Duletzki

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Hans Koraeus
Corky - World Ranking Master Mind
Corky - World Ranking Master Mind
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Thread to discuss Dates, Status, voting, etc for 2020

Post by Hans Koraeus » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:54 am

For any comments on events in the Calendar 2020.

- Date changes
- Status questions
- Contest Sanction Application Form (Prime, Main and Major)
- Status fee (Fee is 50 EUR in Europe. Fee is 50 USD in North America. Free for races in Rest of World)
- ...

See useful resources for event organizers here...

ISSA Resource info

Talk to the Status Marshals for your region. See 2020 Contest Calendar forum for current status marshals. Or post questions here.

Petr Matous
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Re: Announce your 2020 events here

Post by Petr Matous » Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:02 am

Hello Patric,

Name: Skate 'n' Roll Polička 2020
Format: GIANT / Dual HYBRID, Dual TIGHT
Date: from/to: 15th - 16th August 2020
Location: Polička & Široký Důl
Sanction: MAIN
Contact: Petr Matouš,

Nice to have
The CAMP will be from Monday evening to Thursday so from 10th to 13th August.
more info will be updated on and FB also, the hill is the same 2018 for Worlds, and the tight will be in the center of Polička next to the lake

Patric Duletzki
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Re: Announce your 2020 events here

Post by Patric Duletzki » Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:01 pm

Hey Petr,

the race is in the calendar now: ... ls&id=1149

Kind regards,


Jonathan Harms
JBH - ISSA Treasurer
JBH - ISSA Treasurer
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Re: Thread to discuss Dates, Status, voting, etc for 2020

Post by Jonathan Harms » Sat Feb 01, 2020 8:44 pm

Slalom St. Louis
May 23-24, 2020
Sanction: Application not yet submitted, but hopefully Main
May 23: Dual-lane TS, Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
May 24: Single-lane GS, Dual-lane Hybrid, Tanglewood subdivision, Haypress Meadows (street), Caseyville, Illinois, USA

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