French Cyber Slalom Series 2021

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ISSA World Ranking calendar 2021

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Jani Soderhall
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ISSA President 2011-2024
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French Cyber Slalom Series 2021

Post by Jani Soderhall » Sat Jun 19, 2021 11:24 am

Repost from Facebook by Lars Tüxen:


International French Cyber Series.....
This season there will be 6 events. 3 events on the same days as the 25 Cone Series (for those who have the space, the time and the desire to also skate the French Cyber. Timekeeping, cones and participants are already on site. In my opinion it makes sense 😉 ).
And 3 events on other days (for those who do not like to skate an additional race on the same day and/or for those, where the space at the 25 Cone venue is not sufficient).
I will collect all times from every skater by myself, fill them into a spreadsheet and send the times to the ISSA.
First event will be 19.06.2021 till 21.06.2021

40 Cones * 1,80m space between cones (from middle to middle of cone) * total distance 70,2m * cones into a straight line * running on flat surface * only push start * you can start wherever you want and push as often you want * the starting area has to be also flat * timing starts at first cone and stops at last cone * pushing behind start line is forbidden * you can hit a maximum of 6 cones * 0,1sec penalty per cone * run course in both directions * the best time from each direction counts (raw time + penalty)
Please send your times (within 3 days after end of event) via PM or here --->
I hope you will be actively involved.....

Lars Tüxen

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