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JF Michaud
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Post by JF Michaud » Thu May 11, 2006 1:11 pm

Owners of Simon Levene Brighton's Burning E Series Concave board, let me know how U set it up?

Use for?

Here is mine (note that i'm beginning slalom this year)

Board PPS Smokestack E-Serie
Use as a hybrid board, no major modification, pretty stock board, long wheelbase.

Zig-Zag 83a Rear and 86 Front
2 Radikal clear barrel shape front
2 Radikal red barrel shape rear
Biltin abec7

It's a blast...

Any suggestions?

Eric Brammer
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Smokin' Gun

Post by Eric Brammer » Sun May 20, 2007 2:30 am

JF, two 'foam block' items I added to my coughin' cut were a wedge under my rear heel, and a T-nut-bolt-thru secured toe block set at an angle. I also narrowed the wheelbase by 3/4" (up front) to get those pesky sub-2M cones-sets. This is a nice deck shape, as it's skinny enough to slice+dice, but has a nice mellow concave and wider (though blunt, thus good in close to cones) nose area that allows for pretty aggressive turn-in. It's weakness is in the pumpability of the tail, where I would've maybe asked for a smidge of camber. Otherwise, this is a nicely done board, pretty versatile, and reasonably agile.

BTW, it's running an RTX front, RTS rear, Payaso Roadie Racers (Trimmed,soft at rear, untrimmed mediums up front), with both trucks wedged to suit. With a 'fat' front wheel, I had to jack it up a tad at the nose. With Avalons, trimmed, I run it lower by about 1/4", but with similar wedge angles.
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Steve Collins
Harbor Skateboard Racing
Harbor Skateboard Racing
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Post by Steve Collins » Sun May 20, 2007 3:11 am

I use mine for super tight. I need more tail for the big courses, where I use my E-Dagger.

Front: Bennett Pro w/ 8mm axle & trimmed yellow Stims
Back: Airflow 90mm w/ homemade 88a bushings
66mm 86a ZigZags and Biltins all around
The above works perfectly, like a magic board.

I haven't modded the deck. I wanted to ride it as-is for a while just for kicks but decided I liked it so much that I'd just leave it alone. Maybe I'll tweak it someday. For now it rips the tight technical courses.

My other E-series decks (Bomber, Dagger) have significant concave & kick additions which also work great.

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