are you guys kidding me?

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Donald Campbell
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are you guys kidding me?

Post by Donald Campbell » Thu Dec 01, 2005 8:46 pm

apparently paul has quit g&s some time ago.
we all know that.he is riding for my company where he has his own pro-model,which he himself designed and his old sponsor was unable to bring this baby to life.

so paul price is on PAVEL.

you all saw him the whole season racing and promoting the good stuff.

g&s has a team-page on the new designed homepage which features his image and the text says that he went on to other things.
here's my reply to that:
"how dare you feature his image on your team-page,when he is no longer riding for your company then?
this is the first time in my life and professional career that i saw such a thing.

see,i like jason,dave,i could make a long list now,but i don't publish their face on my homepage-especially not on the teampage-,just because the pic might be cool.

time to show some respect here,time to revamp your homepage again.

i'm making this request to you public,since you did the same showing so much disrespect to my person."

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Post by YOYO SHULTZ » Sun Dec 04, 2005 10:11 pm

Don, I agree!
I had to laugh out loud.......btw. really unprofessional.
See here....

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