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How many completes in your slalom quiver?

6 plus
Total votes: 38

Adam Trahan
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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What's in your Quiver?

Post by Adam Trahan » Sun Dec 07, 2003 3:02 am

What's in your skateboard slalom quiver?

Give it up.


#1. Pocket Pistol Super G 36" Seismic metal 130mm 45-30, Oust/Avalon

#2. RoeRacing "Unlimited" Hollow axle Seismic 110mm front, TTC, Oust/Avalon

In progress:

#3. Kitchen Made 39" x 9.25" Marine 13ply Routed-Camber/Canted Kick, 130mm 45 Seismic, TTC 130mm, Oust/Avalon

#4. RoeRacing Crossfire PS S-camber, Radical, Oust/Cambria

#5. Ick/Milovitch/Trahan custom Retro Flattie, Tracker RT S/X, Oust/Avalon


Other Equipe

About 80 trimmed Soccer cones, measuring wheel, inclinometer.

Pro Designed Pads

Giro "Switchblade" Helmet

Osiris Shoes

Spy GS Shades

Turner/3 dm Avila, Avalon, Cambria wheels various durometers, Seismics 110-130mm, Oust MOC 7-9, Pleasure Tool Ceramics, Abec Stingers.

Andy Bittner
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Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Which Quiver?

Post by Andy Bittner » Sun Dec 07, 2003 2:21 pm

Active quiver or total quiver, including museum pieces? [editted: never mind, looking at your list, Adam, it must be active.]

Aaron Morris
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Location: Virginia Beach - Norfolk, Virginia

Post by Aaron Morris » Sun Dec 07, 2003 3:40 pm

My quiver includes a Turner white fullnose with Tracker mid tracks, a red Turner fullnose with Tracker fulltracks, a red Turner cutaway with racetrack x/s, and a Turner Blackbird. Also various extra trucks like seismics indys and other trackers. Every thing has Avalons on them. Pleasure tool, and biltin bearings.

Adam Trahan
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Posts: 795
Joined: Tue Apr 02, 2002 2:00 am

Post by Adam Trahan » Sun Dec 07, 2003 4:18 pm

Andy, be creative. I'de like to read about the books you own but you have to start somewhere...


If you have the time, put down ALL your slalom boards. It's sort of a fishing question for good reading about who owns what. I want to read about all the boards JG has too.

Tom Thompson
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Another good poll

Post by Tom Thompson » Sun Dec 07, 2003 4:20 pm

1. Pocket Pistols STS, Radikal T-II's, assorted Cambrias, Bones Swiss 6 or Builtins 7's.

2. Pocket Pistols GS/Hybrid, Radikal T-II's, assorted Avalons, Flashbacks or Avilas, Bones Swiss 6 or Builtins 7's.

3. Bozi 36" GS, Indy 101 or 126, Radikal/Bones bushings, assorted Avalons, Avilas or Flashbacks, Bones Swiss 6 or Builtins 7's

**and a very good chance a Roe Hollien GS will be added to this quiver soon!!

Henry Julier
Ick Sticks
Ick Sticks
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Post by Henry Julier » Sun Dec 07, 2003 6:11 pm

1) ICK Mini Carrera, RTX/ Indy 101 offset, Avalons, Oust bearins

2) ICK Retro Flattie, RTX/ Indy 101, Avalons, Oust

3) Herr Vaughnster, RTX/ RTS, Avalons, Oust

4) Bozi Mad Bomber II, Dart 184's, Avilas, Pleasure Tools

5) Deathbox Hackett, Webb Shogo Kubo's, No Schoolz, Pleasure Tools

Ramón Königshausen
Airflow - Skateboards
Airflow - Skateboards
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Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Post by Ramón Königshausen » Sun Dec 07, 2003 7:31 pm

1) Airflow Pro Model Jani Söderhäll \ ACS-651 / OS-RaceTruck 95 \ Cambrias \ Bones Bearings

2) Airflow Freeride 81 \ Rt-X / RT-S (106) \ Avalons \ SKF ABEC 5 Bearings

3) Airflow Foamcore \ RT-X 106 / OS-RaceTruck 130 \ Avalons \ Bones




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Brian Morris
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Post by Brian Morris » Tue Dec 09, 2003 5:13 pm

Herb N Skatewerks Carbon Fiber Bahne Black Hill, Tracker RT-S/X Abec 11 Stingers, Oust bearings

Skyline Modified Carbon Fiber Bahne Black Hill, Tracker RT-S/X Abec 11 No Skools Oust Bearings

Vision Joe Lopes, Indy Trucks, NMB bearings, Poison Toxic hot pink wheels.

Sector9 Supercruiser 48", Exkate Torsion trucks, Exkate Turbo wheels, Swiss Bones bearings

Roadrash Puravida 40", Indy Trucks, Spitfire wheels, speed demon bearings.


Dave Gale
Dave Gale
Dave Gale
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Location: West Virginny

Post by Dave Gale » Tue Dec 09, 2003 5:50 pm

1) 70's Turner needle nose Black over red) Radikals
2)70's Full nose /split axles/Krypto slaloms
3)Wicked/ siesmic(germans)
4) Ick super carrera rtx/offset
5)Roe bottle rocket 101'/offset
6)Bozi wedge nose randall 180's 92 mm flywheels
7)Vince Turner Needle/rtx/ttc
8Comet proto 33"/rts ttc
9)Turner Gs/Hybrid#4 proto carbon rtx/rtsoffset
10)48" downhill fixed front truck gullwing pro rear 4" road riders
11)42" Mahagony downhill gullwing pro's 4"parkriders
12)Hobie flex /tracker fulls cut down RR #6
13) Bozi mad bomber siesmics 74mm flys
Bunch more that don't get ridden much
Stash of AZF/P.T/Biltin/Turner /3dm/trucks/and misc... goodies
ENJOY!! (while you can)

Gareth Roe
RoeRacing Team Captain
RoeRacing Team Captain
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Location: Seattle, Washington

My Quiver!

Post by Gareth Roe » Tue Dec 09, 2003 11:40 pm

What's in my quiver? I never really thought about it until now. These are just the completes. They all get ridden and none of them are "Wall Hangers." There are also a bunch of RoeRacing prototypes and other various other un-assembled decks that I have had autographed over the years that are not included in this list.

1). RoeRacing/’04 FCS Proto/PVD R2's/Flashbacks/Biltin
2). RoeRacing/Unlimted FC/PVD R2's/Gumballs/Biltin
3). RoeRacing/CrossFire FC/Radikal/Custom NoSchoolz/Biltin
4). RoeRacing/CrossFire PS/Indy 101/ Custom NoSchoolz /Biltin
5). RoeRacing/BottleRocket FC/Seismic/Indy Offset/Flashbacks/Biltin
6). RoeRacing/Bonita/Seismic/RTS Offsett/Gumballs/Biltin
7). RoeRacing/S-Camber/Radikal/Custom NoSchoolz/Biltin
8 ). RoeRacing/02 Stinger/Seismic-Indy Offset/Flashbacks/Biltin
9). Insect/DragonFly/Randall 180/Flashbacks/Biltin
10). Abec 11/Big Red X/Randall 180/Gumballs/Biltin
11). J.Peters/56" Gun/Randall 180/Gumballs/Biltin
12). Turner/’78 Fullnose Lt. Blue/Gullwing Split Axle-Tracker Magnesium/Krypt.C-62's/Sims Racing
13). Turner/’90 Cut-a-way Lime&Black/Tracker Full/V-12/Sims Racing
14). RoeRacing/’04 Park-n-Pool Proto/Indy 161/NoSchoolz/Biltin
15). Deathbox/Wentzle Ruml/Indy 161/NoSchoolz/Biltin

All in the name of Research & Development!
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Vlad Popov
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Post by Vlad Popov » Wed Dec 10, 2003 12:45 am

1. R1 TS
2. R2 GS
3. R3 TS
4. R4 TS
5. M5 GS
6. R2-36 LBSL
7. X7 PLSL
8. DalvEconomie-56
9. LBK-42
10. DR-19

No R-series board finished outside the podium in any slalom race.
Total cost of wood<$50.
Total cost of the quiver<$200.

Chris Linford
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Clingfilms slalom quiver

Post by Chris Linford » Wed Dec 17, 2003 3:17 pm

In order of most used
1 x turner hybrid med/soft, Indy 101 and Turner Traction Control
1 x fatboy, Tracker 126 and Turner Traction Control (wide)
1 x Blackbird proto type, Indy 101 and Turner Traction Control
1 x Turner classic fulnose, Indy 101s
1 x SC Blank, cut to fish tail, Indy 101s
1 x SC Henry Hester fulnose, Indy 101s
1 x SC Dave Criddle (Xtra wide), Indy 101s

All 3dm wheels (thanks Howard)

Front trucks = Tracker light blue
Rear = Tracker soft white

Rad Pads on all

Not sure what I am riding next year. I hope for new Turner decks and have ordered a Roe.

Clingfilm from England.

Sven Lippert
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Post by Sven Lippert » Thu Dec 18, 2003 10:49 am

oooooohhhhh goooooood all you "millionaires" i have two fibreflex boards

1.) cuatway and a response with 101 er indys, cambrias different duros, bones reds, old tracker/blue and bones hardcore bushing in combination

2.) different pool/street/pipeboards like an old powell skull and sword, z-flex pig, bulldog modell, powell street issue all with indys, bulldog wheels, street cubics or cubics

3.) pakalolo longboard noserider 120 cm with indys and abecs flashbacks

cheers from berlin

Andy Bittner
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Post by Andy Bittner » Fri Dec 19, 2003 2:30 am

1977 custom Ick Stick (produced for Randy Smith for the ARA Series but never delivered), '77 Tracker Mids (wedged in front)

1990 custom Turner cutaway (built to my personal tastes by Bobby Turner), Tracker Fulltracks (narrow pivot)

1977 Sims/Powell 90kg Quicksilver, (original) Gullwing trucks.

All slalom boards run on either ABEC 11 or 3DM wheels and Pleasure Tool bearings.

[non-slalom] 1997 Zorlac prototype double kick (mfg. sample), Thunder Trucks, Nicotine or First Division Wheels

Eric Wallgren
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quivering with...anticipation.

Post by Eric Wallgren » Fri Dec 19, 2003 4:39 pm

The new...

Roe Unlimited, super stiff, super low camber/PVD R2s 35*f,50*r/3DM Avalons90/90a/Abec11 Biltins/Gravity ED E. grip.

Roe Crossfire prototype/MMW RTX/TTC team trucks/3DM Cambrias90/90a/Abec 11 Biltins.

Fibreflex 38"pintail/MMW 140mm Randals/Abec11 Gumballs88/84a/Pleasure tools ceramics.

Bozi 36" cutaway/157 Seismaic alloys 30*f,45*r/3DM Avalons 85/80a/Pleasure tools 7s.

Gravity Ed Economy Bankrider/Randal 180s/Abec11 73mm flywheels 78a/Pleasure tools 7s.

Gravity 36"pool/Indy 166s/Abec11 Flashbacks/Abec11 Biltins.

Bulldogs Shogo Kubo Flag/Deadbolts/Abec 11 NoSkools 60mm 94a/Pleasure tolls 7s.

The Old...

Fibreflex early type Henry Hester/Tracker small pivot fultracks/Road Rider 4s/gmn bearings.

Sundancer cutaway/Tracker small pivot Midtracks/RadPad system 1/Powerflex5s/some old bearings.

Bobby Turner yellow fullnose/Tracker Gnarly pivot fulls on ultralite baseplates/Green Tom Peterson Hyperstradas.

Fibreflex 27" bowlrider/ACS 580s/tasty avacado green Powerflex 5s.

Banzai 24" doublekick/Bennett pros/Sims Pure Juice Competition/ nmb bearings.

Madrid 36" longboard/Indy 151s/Santa cruz Bullets 95a.

Sims Flag/Pink Gullwings HPG IVs/Vision shredders.

Grentec Coyote II/Cheesy die cast /cheesy conical loose ball.

Nash Goofy foot/stamped steel single action/amber plastic tiny loose ball.

Aaron Morris
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Post by Aaron Morris » Sat Dec 20, 2003 9:26 pm

Here is a picture of my quiver of Turner Summer Skis


Kevin M. Gamble
Stahlstown, PA
Stahlstown, PA
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Post by Kevin M. Gamble » Mon Dec 22, 2003 2:54 am

1. Roe Racing Nina Hester, Stiff Flex
Aluminum Seismics, 45º front, 30º rear
Pleasure Tool ABEC 7 Sealed
3DM Avalons

2. Roe Racing Hester, Stiff Flex, Low Camber
Aluminum Seismics, 45º front, 30º rear
Pleasure Tool ABEC 7 Sealed
3DM Avalons

3. G&S Fibreflex Leemo
Composite Seismics, Wedged Front, De-wedged rear
Pleasure Tool ABEC 7 Sealed
3DM Avalons or Avilas

Ridden Occasionally:
4. Turner Downhill GS/Hybrid, Medium Flex
Composite Seismics, De-wedged rear
Pleasure Tool ABEC 7 Sealed
3DM Cambrias or Avalons

5. White Vince Turner Cutaway, Medium Flex
Composite Seismics, De-wedged rear
Pleasure Tool ABEC 7 Sealed
3DM Cambrias or Avalons

Ready for the Wall:
6. Supaflex “Boss of Us”
Composite Seismics, De-wedged rear
Pleasure Tool ABEC 7 Sealed
3DM Cambrias or Avalons

7. Comet Downhill Wide Race, Medium Flex
Composite Seismics, De-wedged rear
Pleasure Tool ABEC 7 Sealed
3DM Cambrias or Avalons

8. Indiana “2” Camber
Tracker Fulltracks, Stimulators, ½” Risers ( what, no Seismics?)
Bones China Reds
Hyper Stradas

Rene Carrasco
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Post by Rene Carrasco » Sun Jan 04, 2004 6:41 am


*For tight slalom -
Pocket Pistol / Trackers / Wheels and Bearings- SECRET.
*For Hybrid-
Dale Smith Racing Board / Trackers / Gumballs & 3dm / Biltins and Oust.
*For Giant Slalom -
CUSTOM Dale Smith Racing Board / Trackers / Gumballs & 3dm / Biltins.
.....AND....a 1979 Corvette to get me to the slalom races FASTER !

***What has blessed me the MOST - is having one of THE BEST SKATEBOARD MECHANICS as my brother - - ALWAYS helping me
AND OTHERS - - - - -THANKS TO RICHY -The Brown Bomber !

...........................................-Rene' CANNONBALL Carrasco !

RENE CARRASCO for - SK8KINGS.COM - Abec 11 Wheels - Tracker Trucks - Khiro Skateboard Products - Nitro Racing Bearings - Vans Skate Shoes !

Juergen Kreis
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Post by Juergen Kreis » Sun Jan 04, 2004 12:56 pm

1. S-Camber "Jani S." from 1982/Tracker Mid 1980/Rad Pads/Cambria`s
2. S-C Henry Hester "8-Inch-Edit. Graphite Loaded"/ACS-Lite/Rad Pads/Cambria`s
3. G&S Paul Price Freeride (Black)/Tracker RTX 106/Cambria`s


my quiver

Post by RL » Mon Jan 05, 2004 1:06 am

My Slalom Quiver

-Roe S Camber, Tracker RTX, Flashbacks, Bones Swiss
-Fibreflex GS Lite, Tracker RTX, Stingers, Bones Swiss
-Indiana Cheif 28", G* Truck, Stingers, Bones Red
-Quicksliver Re-issue 36", Indy 101's, Flashbacks, Bones Red

Brady Mitchell
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Post by Brady Mitchell » Mon Jan 05, 2004 5:14 pm

ROE Hester 2002 with
RTX front, Tracker rtx offset
wedge front, flat 1/8 rear
3dm Avalons F90a/R85a
ABEC 11 Biltins

ROE Bonita 36"
RTX front 129m and Tracker rts offset
Wedged front and rear skinny side out
ABEC 11 Flashbacks F84a/R81a
Bones swiss

ICK cutaway stiff
5/8 flat rise in front, 3/8 rear
3dm Avalons F85a/R80a
ABEC 11 biltins

Turner GS med stiff
Tracker RTX front/ TTC rear
3dm Avalons F85a/R80a
Bones Swiss

Custum Pumpkin "Scabs" model 32" x 8 3/4" 1 1/4" camber 3/4" concave
G-truck Seismic clone 135 front/Gullwing Street Shadow composite base
ABEC 11 Flashbacks F84a/R81a (white prototypes)
Bones Swiss

Custom Pumpkin "Stanziale" model (variation of scabs model)
Tracker RTX front/ TK RTX offset
ABEC 11 Flashbacks F84a/R81a
Bones Swiss

Custom cut 36" Fibreflex (from 44" kicktail)
Randal 150m
ABEC 11 Flashbacks 75a
Bones Swiss

Wall hangers....

Fibreflex Freerider white
Tracker RTXs
ABEC 11 Stingers

Fibreflex Teamrider prototype 2002 red
Gullwing SL 2002s
ABEC 11 65m No Skools 92a prototypes

Fibreflex 3 ply Response

Indiana s-camber 2001

Summit Sidewinder

Fibreflex Teamrider NOS in bag circa 1977

And other pool or longboards, assorted trucks, and wheels
Got ants?

Chuck Gill
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Quiver, slalom and otherwise

Post by Chuck Gill » Tue Jan 06, 2004 2:27 am


Custom Roe 28" Cockroach, Radikals, Cambrias, PTs.

Roe Hester, RT-X front, factory offset RT-X rear, Avalons, PTs.

Pocket Pistol Super G, RT-X 129 front, privateer offset RT-X rear, Avalons, PTs.

FibreFlex Leemo, G-truck front, original Gen 1 Radikal rear, Flashbacks, PTs. Truck configuration in constant flux, still can't nail it after almost 2 years.

FibreFlex 42" Cutaway, Randall 150s, Flashbacks, PTs.


Deathbox Hackett WMD, Seismic 135s, NoSkools 96 or 88, PTs.

FibreFlex Teamrider re-issue, RT-X front RT-S rear, La Costa 94s, Bones Reds.

Powell OG 44" longboard, Tracker B-52s, Flashbacks, Bones Reds.

Bulldog Sacred Heart, original 80's Sixtracks, NoSkools 94s, PTs.


FibreFlex 38" Pintail, Randall 150s, Flashbacks, PTs.

Real Wood 48", Exkates, Power Paws Kevlars.

Fatboy 52" Coffin (pimp ride), Exkates, Kryptos.

Childhood is so much better the second time around....with CA$H!!!!

Brendan Byrne
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Re: What's in your Quiver?

Post by Brendan Byrne » Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:23 am

Nice quiver!

I was wondering about the Fibreflex Response.

Would you say a 220lb guy could safely use one as a cruiser?

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