5th Annual Dovercourt Open

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Claude Regnier
Claude Regnier
Claude Regnier
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5th Annual Dovercourt Open

Post by Claude Regnier » Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:55 am

Okay I know it's early but we need to make some decisions soon regarding the dates. For those of North and South of the boarder that like to come to the race we would like your imput.

July 1, 08 is on a Tuesday
July 4, 08 is on a Friday

We are always trying to make each event better for everyone so here are a couple of scenarios.

1. Weekend before - June 28, 29 (27th if we can do a 3 day)
2. Weekend after - July 5, 6 (4th if we can do a 3 day)

In the scenario number 2 we woud try to hold a Slalom Race Demo at Parliament hill on July 1 to promote the upcoming weekend events.

Moving the event dates will likely enable us to secure new locations as well.

Someday we will have the Can-Am event so of us are hoping for and the calendar year is coming again but not yet.

E-mail me or post here if you like. We want to make the decision asap. We will talk to a lot of the regulars at Ohio as well.
Many Happy Pumps!

Chris Iversen
Chris I
Chris I
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Post by Chris Iversen » Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:45 pm

I like scenario #2. As I'm not finished teaching until June 28,29. And I REALLY want to come next year!!!!
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Justin Readings
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Post by Justin Readings » Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:49 pm

I think we should go for july 5-7. it will probably be less busy than the weekend before, which makes getting good spots more likely finding places to stay and getting there much easier.

Malcolm Stooke
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Post by Malcolm Stooke » Sun Jul 22, 2007 9:28 pm

scenario 2

Grégory Girard
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Post by Grégory Girard » Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:18 am

I also prefer the scenario number 2 !
And thank you for the 4th , it was a great week-end !

Joyce Wheldrake
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Scenario 2

Post by Joyce Wheldrake » Thu Jul 26, 2007 3:43 pm

I vote for the weekend of July 4th. The weeks up to end of June are very busy. That would be a fun weekend to go to Ottawa. We would miss the pyrotechnic show on Canada Day, but oh well.
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