This is utter crap!!! Skateboard speed limit

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John Gilmour
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This is utter crap!!! Skateboard speed limit

Post by John Gilmour » Fri May 04, 2012 12:31 am ... teboarders

this really ticks me off....

What about how many bikes cause pedestrian fatalities. I'm guessing we have under 10 deaths in 20 years attributable to skateboarders being reckless and at speeds of over 25mph.. As compared to perhaps that many deaths in 6 months by bicyclists. some sense into your cousin,. Ritchie Carasco's mom, had 15 kids and about 8 years ago had 75 descendants. So maybe Ritchie doesn't know this cousin super well.. but seriously????

How about making bikes limit their speed to 20mph, or making kids on bikes limited to 10mph and confiscate their bikes. after all a crash at only 12MPH on BIKE CAN BE FATAL.

The only reason they are doing this is because they think skatebaorders won't protest..

I say...... LETS PROTEST....BIG TIME!!!!!

This is ridiculous.
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john gilmour

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