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Pure Carbon Fiber Decks

Post by Pete Cardenas » Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:53 pm

I was talking to Alex from WEFUNK (Germany) about making some Slalom boards purely out off foam and Carbon Fiber. Part of the process used to build the decks is with a Autoclave, the mold & deck is summit to 7 PSI of Nitrogen and 100 C for X amount of time depending on the complexity of the design of the deck, meaning how many layers of Carbon Fiber, shape etc..

Here is another explanation of the curing process,

Alex usses a method very similar too the Autocave, but it only consumes 10% of the energy that is necssary to achive the similar end results, His proprietary and much more efficient process is mold heating. He has developed and build the tools/heating system and he can directly heat/bake the workpiece without penetrating the tool/mold first and thus can control the process much more tightly.

So I think many of you remember the Gecko decks, they were build with similar technologies. Please post here and let us all know what do you guys think about this project.
If you know of anybody else building pure carbon fiber decks, please post it here and I will find out witch process they use.

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