Should I use blank skateboards?

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Miles Sipes
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Should I use blank skateboards?

Post by Miles Sipes » Fri Aug 28, 2020 6:14 am

Some newbies in skateboarding tend to make their skateboard broken after a few times using it and they are really shocked about that.
Many types of printed skateboards can cost the Earth and there are many skaters shifting to use blank one. So the question you might wonder is whether blank skateboards are as good as printed ones.

In reality, there are some blank decks of good quality providing that you choose carefully, which means it is made by the right company. To learn more about factors determining a good skateboard, you can visit SkateAdvisors.

Pros of Buying a Blank Skateboard Deck

Apparently, buying blank skateboard decks is a lot cheaper than printed ones and therefore, you will not regret too much if one is broken.

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If you just have a small amount of money on a skateboard, you can try buying an affordable blank skateboard and spend the rest of the money purchasing other parts of good quality such as wheels, trucks, and bearings. SkateAdvisors is a highly recommended website to learn more about other important parts of a skateboard.

When you just embark on learning skateboarding, it is okay to try with a decent blank skateboard first. Later on, when you can save more money, you can think of investing in a more expensive printed skateboard.


Blank Skateboards Hold Back Technology

There might be some times when you look at other people buying a fancy printed skateboard with beautiful graphics, you keep staring and feel jealous of them. You fancy these boards and dislike the blank one that you are holding. You just wish you were able to buy two printed boards, one to store and one to use.

You do not need to feel embarrassed if you cannot pay for a graphically printed skateboard. Someday, you can buy it for yourself. When I was young and started to look for a skateboard, I did not pay any attention to if it was a blank or printed board. I just went for a decent one that I could cover the money.

Some brands you can consider when choosing a Blank Skateboard

Two brands will be highly recommended by experienced skateboarders. They are Mini Logo and CSC. Their blank skateboard decks are considered to have decent quality. In particular, each of their skateboard decks are pressed carefully and separately. Though they are quite costly than other blank skateboards, the quality can be totally ensured.

Another brand that manufactures quality skateboards by pressing individually while other companies normally press a lot of decks at the same time, which results in some incompatibilities in concaves.
One tip for you is to check out reviews of those who already actually bought it. Check the lowest rating score to see if it has any negative judgment about the quality of customers.

One more note for you is that you should not order in bulk low-priced blank skateboard decks. It might seem to be a rip-off when you just need to spend about $150 for up to ten skateboards. However, their quality will extremely disappoint you because they are not pressed separately at all. They can therefore be bent or twisted with incompatible concave. These will exert negative impacts on your practicing later.

You Can Get Cheap Printed Decks

If you pay attention to the big sales of famous brands annually, I am sure that you can get a printed skateboard at a discount of 25-50%. What you need to do is just wait for a proper specific point of time. What you should do is to determine which brand you want to buy and just await a big sales period like Black Friday to buy some at a very low price. You can go to SkateAdvisors to know more about the recommended brands.
One more useful website for you is Craigslist, where you can buy a printed AAA board at only $10.

Ensure that you are provided with enough real photos and ask the seller if you have any concerns.

However, there is one more problem. Normally, some local skateboard stores cannot offer such great discounts as they need more budget to cover the salary of staff. This seems not to be sensible as the staff in local shops all have an understanding of skateboard products; therefore, they can be of assistance to consult to buy the most suitable board and other equipment for you.
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Jani Soderhall
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Re: why should I skate pro

Post by Jani Soderhall » Fri Aug 28, 2020 4:18 pm

Hi Miles,

The first decision to make is "who do I want to skate, and measure myself, with?" It's not so much about earning points. If you win easily in AM, it's definitely time to step up to Pro.

Then, once in a class, be it Amateur or Pro, you need to consider that the usual ranking is based upon several years of racing, and mid year, as you haven't got much results yet, the ranking system will balance it up with your level of last year. As the season moves on, the influence of last year will diminish and only results of this year counts.


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